A Guide to 925 Silver Jewelry

When you think of the most valuable item in your house, one may often think about expensive items such as equipment or machinery. Perhaps you think about something with personal value, such as a favorite teddy bear or your journals. But one of the few things that both have real and personal value is jewelry: pearls, gold, diamonds, etc. Your jewelry makes up part of your tangible wealth, and are important assets because they’re both valuable and versatile.

What reason would anyone want to buy jewelry, anyway? Why are they so valuable in the first place? The answer is due to a combination of factors. People often buy jewelry for many reasons. A jewelry collection can be a person’s most prized possession. They’re beautiful accessories meant to last a long time, become more valuable as time goes on, and can act as heirlooms for children and descendants to inherit. They’re rare and hard to find, serving as coveted possessions on the market. By keeping jewelry and selling it later, you can accrue a reasonable amount of money by playing your cards right.

What is jewelry?

Jewelry is a catch-all term that can encompass a diverse range of items. They’re typically used to refer to items made of valuable materials, like rare stones such as diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, or metals such as gold, silver, or platinum, and others such as amber or pearls. Sometimes they’re accessories, like bracelets or rings, or maybe even other items like watches. There are lots of items that may be considered jewelry.

The use of silver in jewelry

As mentioned before, silver is one of the metals used in jewelry. In fact, it may even be one of the most popular metals used in jewelry. It’s a very adaptable metal that serves many aesthetic purposes, with a beautiful and mesmerizing luster. This shiny metal is elegant and can be paired with many different outfits, as well as be shaped into all sorts of items. It’s known for being gorgeous yet understated.

One of the most recognizable types of silver that you can get for your jewelry is 925 silver. What is it, and why do people like buying 925 silver rings, bands, bracelets, and other such items?

The 925 silver type

What is 925 silver first? 925 silver is a very special, high-grade type of silver used in jewelery. It’s so special because of the purity of the silver content. Pure silver, as you may know, is very soft. It’s not ideal for use in jewelry because jewelry needs to be hard and durable. Therefore, the highest purity you can get with silver jewelry is 925: so-called because 925 silveris 92.5 percent pure silver, and 7.5 percent other metals like copper, zinc and nickel.

If you own any silver jewelry, you may already have 925 silver necklaces, rings, and other items. That’s because 925 silver goes by another name: sterling silver! Regarding sterling silver, 92.5 is the most common variant, but other countries like France have stricter measures and may require sterling silver to be at least 95 percent silver.

You have to be careful though, as the term “sterling silver” is broad. Some countries may allow a lower percentage of silver in a silver alloy to be called sterling silver. If you’re at a reputable dealer, always look for the 925 mark denoting its purity, and never forget to ask them.

The benefits of buying 925 silver

So you’re trying to decide whether to buy a 925 silver ring or other pieces of silver jewelry. It’s easy to know why anyone would hesitate– there’s a price tag to luxury, after all, and 925 silver is literally the cream of the crop when it comes to silver. Some may also think that it’s a waste of money and invest in other metal like gold, and deem sterling silver an inferior second choice.

Well, that’s not the case. There are many 925 silver enthusiasts that know a thing or two about what makes it so special.  Let’s take a look at some reasons:

  • Timeless and trendy. Sterling silver has been prized and used by aristocrats for thousands of years. They are shaped and made into all sorts of designs and keep up with modern standards. Some can even last decades.
  • Durable and lasting. If you know how to take care of sterling silver, your jewelry will stay as beautiful as it was the moment you bought them.
  • This is one trait of sterling silver that most overlook. Base metals such as brass and nickel can irritate your skin. People with metal allergies can avoid this with silver jewelry.

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