Adhere to rummy rules and you will get disciplined at work too

Although decades old, the rummy card game continues to enjoy popularity with the masses worldwide. Apart from being an engaging and de-stressing game, rummy also helps in enhancing certain important attributes. These improved attributes and qualities then carry on to different aspects of our lives and leave a positive impact on those areas as well.

Many regular players of rummy admit that abiding by the rummy rules, and honing their skills, has helped them in their professional lives as well. This article talks about how rummy can actually discipline us when it comes to our workspaces.

How playing rummy by the rules helps to get disciplined at work

  • Time management

Rummy is all about time-management. Players are required to meld their cards into valid sets and runs as soon as possible. The catch here is that it’s supposed to be done while meticulously figuring out the best possible combinations, and keeping an eye on the opponents’ moves as well. At a workspace as well, people need to be efficient at managing their time. There are a number of different tasks to be finished and goals to be achieved, within limited hours of the day. Lack of time-management leads to unnecessary stress and last-minute hassle at work.

  • Quick decision-making

As mentioned above point, rummy requires players to analyze a number of factors within a short time. As such, it is extremely important for players to be quick and prompt thinkers and decision-makers. They need to decide which card to discard, how to fish-bait opponents and so on. However, these decisions are to be made really fast. In the workplace as well, people should be alert all the time. It is important for them to make the best possible decision in the most unpleasant of situations. As such, they need to be on their toes all the time.

  • Using the Joker card

In case players do not have the required card to form a sequence, a joker card can always come in handy. The Joker card is used as a substitute for any card which is important to form a sequence. As such, it is always important for players to keep the joker card with them, to make it out of tricky situations. Similarly, people should always have a back-up plan ready to go at work. Having a back-up plan can help people avoid panicking and stressing out, in case things do not go as initially planned.

  • Keeping the basics clear

A game of rummy has certain basic rules which can never be messed with. In order to learn the intricate tricks and tips of the game, it is important to first have the basic rules clear. Similarly, our professional careers and workplaces require us to follow a certain work ethic and code of conduct. Every workplace has certain rules to adhere to. It is only when people stick to their work ethic and basic code of conduct, can they improve their work performance.


In order to win in rummy, sticking to its basic rules is a given. The discipline and sincerity with which players play rummy seamlessly integrate into their personality. Hence, the discipline they develop while playing rummy has an overall positive impact on their career as well.