Are Lipozene and Hydroxycut Scams?

You have likely seen the advertisements for both Lipozene and Hydroxycut, but unless you are one of those interested in losing weight, you probably didn’t pay much attention to what they were saying. However, there are people who might be thinking of trying one of these products and want to know if the information in the advertising is true.


Both Lipozene and Hydroxycut are marketed as weight loss products. While Lipozene is a fiber supplement, Hydroxycut is advertised as a fat burner. The advertising for both products claims you can lose weight by consuming the pills as directed—twice daily for Hydroxycut and three times a day for Lipozene. The question you may ask is whether they actually live up to the claims.

The Claims

While we would like to believe the advertising for all the weight loss products on the market, we must be aware the ads are there to sell a product and not necessarily to provide accurate information. Lipozene, for instance, claims you can lose weight by taking two capsules a half hour before each meal without the need to diet or exercise. While we would like to believe this, the truth is that if you want to be successful, you must change your lifestyle. Lipozene has been cited by the Food and Drug Administration on two separate occasions for false advertising. One case cost the manufacturer $1.5 million, yet they continued their false claims.

Hydroxycut claims taking two pills twice a day will allow you to burn fat, boost your energy level, and reduce your body weight. The manufacturer claims Hydroxycut contains no additional caffeine, but this does not mean there is no caffeine in the ingredients they use. Clinical studies have shown an average weight loss of over twenty pounds while using the product. Yes, they sell over a million bottles every year, but we don’t know what those results were. Unfortunately, all the reviews and testimonials are success stories. The good thing is the manufacturer offers a money back guarantee.


Although the advertising may be exaggerated (especially in the case of Lipozene), there is enough information for potential customers to conduct research before buying either of these products. Take the time to read the testimonials and judge for yourself—if they are all glaringly positive, chances are the testimonial is exaggerated. Obtain as much information as possible and form your own opinion before spending any money. If you are looking to learn more on Lipozene and Hydroxycut be sure to read this Lipozene Review and Hydroxycut Review from The Hub Post.