Ask these questions before working with a divorce attorney!

Divorces can be draining– emotionally, mentally, and financially. Parting ways with someone who once mattered is complicated, more so because there are many aspects to consider. From basic things like distribution of assets and discussing maintenance, to child custody and support, every single point of contention must be ironed out. While family law is not always complex, warring couples don’t always take the right decisions. It goes without saying that you need a divorce attorney. Ask these questions before you hire one.

  1. Will you explain your expertise and experience?

Some divorce attorneys are just more experienced than other. A case may take any shape during the course, and you need a veteran, who can manage negotiations and handle a trial – as the need may be. A good attorney will always explain what they specialize in, and if requested for, they will share references too. You can also check on Google to know what people say about a divorce attorney. For instance, most of Andrew Heft lawyer reviews in Quebec are positive.

  1. What do you think of my case?

That’s a rather valid question. After the first meeting, you can expect your divorce attorney to explain the possible outcomes of the case. In some cases, things can be discussed with your spouse’s lawyer and settled out of court, but in extreme cases of domestic violence, physical and mental abuse, your attorney will take the fight ahead and protect your interests. Sometimes, couples end up in a contested divorce over property alone, while child custody also remains a matter of concern in most cases. Make sure that you are well-aware of how your divorce may shape, and your attorney will be able to explain that.

  1. What about the costs?

Divorces can be financially hard to manage, and an experienced divorce attorney will charge a hefty amount. If you have decided to engage a law firm, be very specific and clear about what you expect of them. Also, make sure that you are aware of the expenses. A professional attorney will always give a heads up on what you can expect in terms of pricing and retainer costs, and there could be other expenses involved.

Now that you know the basics, check online now and find more on the best-rated divorce attorneys near you. Ask for that first appointment in person if you can, or else, at least get a skype appointment.