Benefits of Using Induction Cookers

The quest to develop more energy and cost-efficient products for cooking has led us to the manufacturing of induction cookers. Induction cooking, as we know, uses magnetic induction to directly heat the pans or pots instead of relying on thermal conduction.

Induction cooking was introduced in the early 1900s and since then has made its way to our kitchens in the form of induction cookers. This modernized heat-free cooking technique offers many advantages much to our needs. Few of such benefits of using induction cookers are highlighted below.

  • Accurate temperature control

Induction cookers allow us to control the heat with more precision in contrast to gas cooktops. You can manually adjust the temperature as according to your need with convenience with the aid of easy controls. This makes it easier to follow the food recipes as you know exactly how much heat to apply.

  • Instant heat

You don’t have to wait for the pot to catch heat to start cooking or to cool down afterwards. With induction cookers, you get heat instantly to cook your meals right away. As compared to electric stoves, you get to boil water 50% faster when using an induction cooker.

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  • Energy efficient

Induction cookers are highly energy efficient since they directly target the cookware itself and not the entire surface. As a result, maximum heat is subjected to cook the food with less loss of heat. Induction cookers are estimated to be 70% more energy-efficient as compared to gas or electric cookers.

  • Less cooking time

Since induction cookers target the heat directly to the cookware, the food gets to enjoy more heat. More heat means the food takes less time to cook. The cooking speed is the most valuable trump card for induction cookers that promise 50% faster cooking in comparison to a stove or electric cooktops.

  • Easily cleanable

Traditional cooktops are pretty hard to clean up, especially when the food gets stuck in their bottom. However, induction cookers offer a much convenient alternative to that. Since the stove remains comparatively cool during the cooking, food seldom stuck to it. You can easily wipe away any dirt with a breeze.

  • More secure

It’s always vital to consider the safety of whatever the stovetop you are using since a little mishap could lead to a fire. However, an induction cooker has no flame to start with and therefore, no gas leaks as well. Also, since the stovetop does not gets warm at all, touching it won’t cause any burns.

Furthermore, some latest first-rate induction cookers come with automatic pan detection technology. This trait lets the stovetop recognize when the pan is placed, and the heat generates only then, making it much safer to cook.


The benefits of using induction cookers are far greater than those of conventional gas cooktops. They provide a safe, energy-efficient, and fast method of cooking your meals. Lastly, induction cookers are continuously improving in terms of style and therefore, most of them readily blend with the kitchen décor. Hopefully, the above-stated perks of induction cookers will convince you enough to get one.