How to Get WhatsApp Logs with TheOneSpy WhatsApp Monitoring Software 

TheOneSpy is a cell phone monitoring app that is intended for families and business persons to remotely supervise digital activities of children and working staff. The app helps working mom and dads to ensure safety of their children from potential dangers in the digital world. Also, it enables employers to keep an eye on their workers to prevent them from unproductive activities and misconduct. It offers a wide range of features in which social media monitoring is the most significant one. It allows supervising activities performed on social and instant messengers that include but not limited to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Skype. In this article, we have particularly described the importance and use of WhatsApp spy app of TOS. Read on to know how it facilitates parents and entrepreneurs and plays vital role in child and employee monitoring. Here is the technique on how to get more youtube views

An Overview of WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp needs no introduction as it is the most popular instant messaging app across the world at the moment. Because of the feature-richness of the messenger, millions of people use this app for communication. It allows exchanging messages and making calls for free of cost. The popularity of this messenger has attracted bullies and predators to use the platform for victimization of adolescents. Many teenage girls and boys have been trapped by pedophiles and abusers via WhatsApp messenger. They exchange sexually explicit photos and videos with the help of media sharing feature of the messenger. The unsupervised use of the instant messaging app also puts younger children into several dangers. You can buy on amazon

Use of WhatsApp Messenger in Businesses

Many large and medium scale business organization use WhatsApp messenger for internal and external communication. The business persons interact with their workers, customers and third parties with the help of most commonly used instant messaging app. As well as offering convenient and smooth platform to communicate, WhatsApp possesses a few menaces when used unsupervised. The employers are required to monitor the communication app for restricting their workers from getting engaged in unproductive talks and harassments. The app can be misused by employees for harassing co-workers or spreading inappropriate information about the company. 

TOS WhatsApp Spy Software

There is no opinion other than that WhatsApp should be monitored to restrict children and employees for misusing the instant messenger. To facilitate employers and parents, the technologists have developed software to remotely supervise almost every activity performed on the communication app. It lets the user know how kids and working staff use the messenger and what sort of messages they exchange. Read on to know how the WhatsApp monitoring app works.

How WhatsApp Tracker Works

If you want to monitor instant messages of your kid, you need to install the monitoring app on the android smartphone used by your little one. Similarly, the employers can keep a secret eye on their employees’ WhatsApp chats by getting company-owned smartphones, tablets and digital devices installed with tracking software of TOS. After installation, the app gets access to important data saved on the target’s device.  It includes messages, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, keylogs and emails among others. The app automatically uploads the entire data to the online portal of TOS from where the end-user can retrieve it anytime. Visit their main site here. 

Track WhatsApp Messages

The instant messenger offers text messages and voice messages to be exchanged with individuals and groups. The end-user of the WhatsApp spy software can secretly accesses instant messages of the target without getting their phones. By logging into the online portal of TOS, the incoming and outgoing instant chats of the target can be retrieved. Also, the contact numbers of messages senders and receivers can also be obtained.

Get WhatsApp Call Logs

Through the instant messaging app, the user can make audio and video calls using the internet connection. The spy software for instant messengers keeps parents and employers updated about WhatsApp calls of the target. It provides access to WhatsApp call logs containing detail of all incoming and outgoing voice and video calls of the target. 

Retrieve WhatsApp Media Files

The messenger enables the user to exchange photos, videos and voice recordings with online fellows. By using the phone spy app for android devices, parents can see media files exchanged by their children. It lets them ensure that their teenagers do not share sexually explicit stuff with predators.

WhatsApp Screen Recording

You can capture almost every activity performed on the instant messaging app. The tracking solution offers live and on-demand screen recording or screenshots to enables the end-user to see and record all WhatsApp activities of the target.