Weekends are definitely for chillin’, and it feels like a LONG time since i’ve had a minute. But that doesn’t stop me dressing like all I do is relax… I never used to own a pair of jeans, never mind any form of clothing with the word ‘sweat’ or ‘hood’ in the description, but now I literally couldn’t live without my chill-essentials. Maybe i’m just getting old (don’t answer that…)

Since investing in this pair of ‘Jamie’ jeans from Topshop, i’ve been back and also got the ‘Joni’ jeans (my current faves) and they’ve become my ultimate daily go-to pants. I actually feel like i’ve been missing out on years of comfort – i’m like a changed woman.

The next new addition to my wardrobe was another item from work that has tempted me (that is yet another item from Sarah Ashcroft’s range) – the ‘Boss Babe’ hoodie. I’m not gonna lie – every single piece is actually amazing and it’s definitely my type on paper. Hardly a surprise i’ve purchased so many items already (and planning to invest in Spanx so I can buy even more). I’m officially sold on the whole hoodie hype. I can finally put my hands up and say – I GET IT. So much comfort in one piece of clothing.

In other news – IT’S WARM AT LAST! This time is both my favourite time of the season, and my least favourite. Where we get to adorn pretty frills, abolish the jackets and break out the Oakley sunglasses, we also have to go through the entire ‘wardrobe overhaul’ thing that nobody has time for (especially lazy little me…) – and for the record, I definitely haven’t done that yet and i’ll be putting it off for as long as possible.

Back to the strong AF sleeve game going on over here though… Sleeves ain’t going ANYWHERE this season – and if you thought you were fed up of seeing those flute sleeves, sorry guys, the rest of us aren’t! As soon as I saw this dress I knew I had to add it to my S/S wardrobe – baby blues (and of course gingham) are my absolute faves for the season and i’ll be flooding my rail with anything and everything that fits the bill.

Pair pretty Spring pieces with cool metallic pieces to update that frilled style if you’re not a girly girl like moi. These Stella-esque rose gold babies from Public Desire are my ultimate go-to shoes lately to finish any look, and did I mention they’re actually comfy too? I’ll take all colours, please and thank you.