French Bulldog Are The Best Companions

Frenchie dog is one of the most popular breeds of domestic dogs. These are naturally stubborn but also known to be the best companion for the household. They have broad shoulders with a large head. Their signature folds in the face and on the top of the nose which are its physical attributes. A naturally short tail adds charm together with its round and curious-looking eyes.

Weight and colors

They have a flabby skin hanging in their necks with the drooping lips and crooked pointed teeth. They have short with regular strips of red, fawn, or white coat. These are the common colors that can be found. A bulldog can be about 22.5 kg and stands 33 to 38 cm high at the shoulder.

Train your dog

The main concern is to know how to train your bulldog. Some of the dog owners become embarrassed about their habits and bad behavior. But to have a great relationship with the pet dog you need to spend much more time with your dog. You need to train them and start caring for your Frenchie. The bulldog should have a collar and leash. It will help the owner to make him take for walks and can also be used to train him to sit, come, and down. The leash should not be shorter than 6 feet.

Ways to train them

You need to be patient to correct your dog’s bad behavior by training them. The dog training techniques can become effective if you can properly groom your dog to become more lovable and caring. Besides giving proper training, you need to also check its diet. You can feed him with a famous dog food brand or give them dog biscuits for some good training every day. By making them do proper exercise by walking down the street will help them to even maintain their health.

Perfect companion

The French bulldog is generally preferred as a house companion. They are civilized creatures and very loyal to their owners. Though they are hard to train because of the stubborn attitude, but if drum properly they can turn out to be a great pet. They need to be taken extra care because they do not adapt well to the hot climate because of body temperature. Their body tends to overheat and they suffer from various health issues. It is best to take them for shorter works or walk them at night during the summer season.