Breville Barista Express Problems And Solution Guide

Braille Barista Express is well known for its exceptional quality and great customer service. However, sometimes using it can lead to some problems and it is not possible for us to solve them.

At that moment it turns into suffering for us and we can solve some problems but most of the problems we can’t solve. So here we will show you how to solve all those problems.

Moreover, this Braille Barista Express has some common problems and we will identify those problems and try to give you an idea of ​​how to solve them. We know this is a quality coffee machine that allows you to prepare great coffee. Also, you can see Breville barista express vs pro reviews to get a better idea about it.

So you don’t have to worry about it because we are here with our detailed problem-solving guide which will help you to use it conveniently so let’s take a look at the complete review.

Breville Barista Express Problems And Solution Guide    

Our guide will solve the problems you have encountered with your espresso machine very easily and bring it back to top performance as soon as possible.

Breville Barista Express grinder blocked

If the grinder of your machine gets jammed, it may be due to the fact that the main victims of cloning are often chambers. But the good news for you is that you can fix it yourself. All you have to do is unclog it and clean the grinder carefully.

This problem can be caused by not cleaning properly because if you do not clean it properly at the proposed frequencies then these dabs are inevitably formed inside a grinder over time. And this causes the parts of the coffee bean shell to get stuck between the metal parts inside which can cause it to slow jam.

Take a look at the cleaning method:

  • First, unlock the bean hopper
  • Empty the remaining beans into a container.
  • Then set the fork in place (now lock it).
  • Go through a simple grind cycle until no ground in it comes out.
  • Now you unlock the hopper one more time and then keep it separate.
  • Keep brushing it well – for this you clean with a clearing brush – from the crevices (on the bristles) and on top of the bristles below you.
  • Reset the outer shell then lock your bean hopper in the right place again.
  • Now use your espresso machine.

Breville barista express grinder producing a loud sound

All you have to do is immediately switch off the grinder, then remove the grasshopper from it and clean the blockage well from inside the slide. Then, remove the upper bursa and clean it along with the lower bursa.

The water tank is loaded, but the empty light Is On.

This problem is very easy to solve, Most coffee water tanks use a floater which is magnetic in them. The floater also indicates when there is no water in the water tank or when it is empty.

This magnetic floater can never get stuck in or under the tank. Make sure it doesn’t happen. And if it gets stuck, you can clean the floater inside the tank as well so that it doesn’t get stuck in it again.

And if you see a coffee ground or calculation anywhere in the water tank, remove it immediately.

Dirty water at the bottom of the machine.

Espresso machines have drain hoses or outlets of some kind to drain water so that excess waste can easily get out of it. So if you see dirty water under or around your espresso machine, it is likely that your drain hose or your outlet is blocked due to dirt or some other reason. So take a good look at it and if it does, clean it up.

Also, make sure that the hose breaks somewhere, or something obstructs the pipe and stops the flow of sewage.

Final Word 

Breville Barista Express is undoubtedly a great machine. Yet many times we face various problems. That’s why we’ve outlined the various issues with Breville Barista Express to make your job easier and show you a simple solution. Hopefully you will be able to solve your problems. And you can enjoy a good coffee without any hassle.