Businesses Struggling During Lockdown

The past year has been a difficult year for everyone due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and many have had to alter how they live their lives. However, there has been some industries that have affected more than other due to the how their industry operates and below we look at which industries have struggled the most during this pandemic.

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The main industry that has been affected by the global pandemic has been the hospitality which pubs, clubs and restaurants which have virtually been shut for the whole of the pandemic. This has been due to the fact that governments have highlighted these businesses as an area of high-risk areas for the spread of the virus and have therefore had to stay closed. Of these businesses have come out and said to their governments that if they aren’t supported financially or even allowed to re-open any time soon then many of them will have to close their doors for good.

Another industry that has been affected greatly by the global pandemic is the gambling world as their land-based casinos and betting shops have also had to have their business closed as thethey have been highlighted as high-risk infection businesses due to public interaction. Although, this has created space for their online alternative, a list can be found at, which has proved to be an alternative method of entertainment for consumers to use whilst stuck at home to combat the spread of the virus.

Moreover, the travel industry is virtually on its knees right now as holiday makers haven’t been able to travel due to the amount of travel bans that the majority of countries in the world have right now. Not only this, but even countries without travel bans have restricting testing services with will ensure that you have to self-isolate regardless if you test positive or not when arriving in their country, so this has certainly been a turn off for many travellers around the world.

And finally, high street shopping was already on the fall pre-pandemic but now with them being shut during the pandemic has further pushed the narrative that online shopping and e-commerce is the future for any shopping. Many have been worried about going into shops in the past year in case they catch the virus and spread it on to a vulnerable loved one and so the majority of people have resulted to using online alternative which gives us a pretty good idea on how the world is going to be in the coming years.