Combating the feelings of mental fatigue in football

While playing sports, there isn’t just the physical aspect of the game or activity to consider. Mental agility is equally important for those looking to perform at the peak of their ability. Do you have trouble keeping your focus for the full 90 minutes of a football game? Here are some ideas that might help:

Recognizing the onset of fatigue

You cannot increase mental focus if you do not know when it is necessary. When your shots start going wide or you feel a little off the best, then it might be time to rest and reset. You may feel physically strong, but your football brain is telling you to rest.

Sports science have done studies that have reveal that mental fatigue is just as real as physical exhaustion in terms of performance. Fatigue affects the accuracy of shots and passes, as well as reaction times and the ability to plan ahead. This is explained as the result of mental fatigue rather than physical issues.

Relax before kick-off

When you need to complete tasks for long periods or undertake activities requiring concentration, it can lead to mental fatigue. Therefore, it is important to reduce team talks and keep the discussing of tactics short and sweet or avoid completely before a game. Too much talk and not enough relaxation can cause ‘analysis paralysis’. Ensure this time is kept short and simple.


Introduce new training exercises to keep the brain stimulated. For Soccer Drill Videos, visit a site like Sportplan, providers of Soccer Drill Videos.


It is widely thought that preparing for a big game should involve avoiding socializing and creating a quiet environment around you. However, some fun can be refreshing. Seeing friends and family should be encouraged and not banned, as a rest from training can make you feel refreshed and more energetic. Consider the World Cup, where players are given time and space to see family and have some ‘down’ time away from the pressures of competition. From a psychological standpoint, this is really important.

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Part-time pick-me-up

If you’re feeling drained at half-time, do not overlook the benefits of a little caffeine. A quick cup of tea or coffee works wonders for supplying a boost of energy for the brain and body, improving both physical and mental performance. If you cannot face a hot drink after the first half, there are other ways to get a quick caffeine hit, such as gum, a capsule or gel.

Speak out

As a country, we’re not big on opening up and talking to each other about our feelings, especially in the sporting environment. It’s very important to know how your teammates feel and coaches should monitor what kind of fatigue level players may be experiencing. Brain training is a recent method being employed to aid performance and reduce fatigue among players. Meditation has many benefits and is recognized as a miracle worker for refreshing the mind and body.