Different types of Office table Design

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You cannot imagine the office without furniture. Tables in the office are a very important operational part of the workplace. It comes in different shapes and sizes and makes the office look up-class and beautiful. With time, there are different varieties of office tables that are available in the market, made from hardwood, engineered wood or plastic, and metal. They also come in small and large sizes with different shapes such as round, oval, and square. Let’s have a look at some of the common designs that are currently available.

Traditional wooden style tables

Wooden office table (โต๊ะ ออฟฟิศ which is the term in Thai) are one of the most traditional setups of an office. Strongly built and last a long time. It has a nice and wide table for working area and storage areas both on the left and right, divided into multiple compartments. You can never go wrong with this set up in your office as it will match your decor and will fulfill the functional needs.

Contemporary style design

An office desk is generally made of wood and Leather. They provide a very plush interior and a very beautiful design overall to the office decor. It has an Inbuilt wire and socket management, with the rich feel and lowers the seating height.

Office tables made with metal

These types of tables are usually budget-friendly and made up of metal sheets. The normal design of these tables would include metal legs and a wooden surface on the top.

There are many different types of shapes and sizes available for these in the market. Make sure you select the one, which provides with the most functionality and comfort as it will help to increase productivity.