Discover How Food Can Help Your Visual Health

The kinds of food we eat goes a long way to impact on our health and our eyes also. Do not miss the tips to take care of your eyes with healthy foods. There are many foods that are good for your visual health. Take care of your eyes with these guidelines that we offer you from kraff eye institute.

Important Foods For Visual Health

  1. Look for foods rich in antioxidants, as they protect against the effects of free radicals, and therefore help delay aging and prevent visual problems. Thus, incorporate carotenoids into your diet, using fruits and vegetables that have red and yellow pigment. Carrots, tomatoes, peppers, peaches are a great bet for a diet beneficial to your vision!
  2. Don’t forget about lutein – it is a carotenoid that is considered the eye vitamin. It is naturally found in our retina, so incorporating green leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, beans, lettuce, spinach or turnip greens, will help you prevent diseases and protect your vision from sun damage.
  3. Avoid abusing fats and sugars : diets rich in saturated fat, with excess sugars and proteins have higher rates of obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension, which causes premature eye aging with very serious consequences for vision such as loss of this.
  4. Cooking with olive oil : this helps prevent macular degeneration of the eye, a pathology that affects the retina and is the second cause of blindness in older people, after diabetes. The ideal is to take two tablespoons a day.
  5. Choose blue fish : incorporating it at least twice a week will provide essential polyunsaturated fatty acids to your diet for good visual health.
  6. Seafood provides zinc : thus, richly colored seafood is rich in this element, which is found in the eye tissue of the retina. Remember that a deficiency in zinc can cause problems seeing in the dark and other visual problems.
  7. Get together with nuts : they are rich in fiber and vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, so it will protect the eyes from aging.
  8. Do not forget vitamin C : it is also an antioxidant and is necessary if it is needed for tissue growth and repair. Take strawberries, oranges, grapes, plums, berries like blueberries! The latter, in addition, contain flavonoids to fight free radicals that can affect your vision.
  9. The Vitamin A is essential: it helps maintain eye health in good condition, preventing cataracts and glaucoma. Onion is rich in this vitamin!