Glo is All the Pilates Online You Need to Know

Maybe you already love Pilates but the class schedule at your local studio doesn’t mesh with your busy schedule. Maybe you’ve wanted to try Pilates out but don’t want to commit to buying a full class pack. If you want your Pilates where you want it and when you want it then Glo is the answer.

Glo is the leader in Pilates online as well as yoga and meditation. There are more than 4000 classes available on our website. These classes are taught by a global network of world-class fitness instructors. It’s all there ready and waiting for your workout.

Why Do Pilates?

Pilates is a proven workout formula for building core strength and toning muscles with minimal impact. Glo offers mat-based Pilates classes that range from classical to cardio-based. The workouts can be done without props or with traditional tools like the magic circle, the resistance band and the ball, to replicate the experience of using a Pilates reformer.

Why Do Pilates Online?

Your local Pilates studio offers classes on a schedule and that schedule might not be the best for you. You may travel a lot for work and don’t want to commit to a particular gym or trainer who will be back at home when you’re not. Or maybe your workout moments are few and far between and you can’t plan – you just have to be ready to roll out your mat at a moment’s notice.

Do I Already Need to Know How to Do Pilates?

There are Pilates classes online at Glo for every level from absolute beginner to cardio crusher. There are also prenatal classes, postnatal classes and classes for every stage of life. When you sign up for Glo you’ll walk through your preferences to find the perfect classes. You tell Glo what you’re looking for from strength training to flexibility. You’ll pick the teaching style you like best from playful to informative. And you let Glo know if you’ve done Pilates before or if you’re a newbie. After that you’ll be paired with classes that suit you best.

How Do I Watch Glo Classes?

Glo makes it easy to explore Pilates online classes across your devices. Glo classes can be viewed on an iPhone, an iPad, on an Apple Watch or on a bigger screen with the Apple TV app. Glo classes can also be downloaded to your device to use later with or without a connection.

Is Glo a Big Commitment?

Glo offers a free trial period that allows you to explore classes and instructors and get a feel for what works in your workouts. The mediation app is my favorite. After the trial is over you can sign up for a monthly plan that you can cancel at anytime.

Glo is the perfect solution for just about everyone looking for Pilates online. With a library of thousands of classes taught by the best in the business, Glo is the ultimate in convenient and portable fitness. Whether you want to workout in your family room or a hotel room Glo will be right there with you.