Here’s What Buyers Should Know Before Bringing Children to Open Houses

When you are planning to look at homes, it can be a tough call to decide whether to bring your children along. Here are a few tips from our realtor team to help you make the right choice.

Can You Afford Distractions?

Unless you have a good deal of spare time to spend touring homes, it might be wise to leave younger children in particular at home.

While it’s understandable that you’d like for them to be a part of the process, kids can be quite a distraction when presented with a new environment.

Choosing a new home can be challenging when your attention is divided between managing youngsters and viewing the property objectively.

Who Gets the Final Say?

If you bring the kids along on an open house showing, be prepared to listen to their reactions and opinions—and be prepared for your realtor and the owners to hear it all, too.

So, if they like the place, this could benefit you in the long run and facilitate the sale, as buyers often truly want new owners to enjoy their home as much as they did.

On the flip side, a negatively responding child could turn those tables rather quickly. Only you know your child’s attitude, so make sure you get the final say regardless.

Consider Bringing Help Along With Children

Well behaved children can be a blessing in disguise, but those who insist on wandering and prying can become a nuisance quickly. It will be more challenging for a realtor to show you the property and serve double duty as a babysitter.

If you have no other option than to bring little ones with you, consider bringing an outside party with you so you can focus on the details of the home.