How the Vegan Cake Craze Can Be Your New Sweet Tooth Reliever

Everything that is taken at an excessive amount is bad for you. The human body has limits, and when it comes to eating a fresh cream cake, you must know that once every month or two would be enough. Cake has traditionally been a food of celebration, friendship, and sometimes grieving. In movies alone, you will often see a heartbroken leading lady eating a cake with a tub of ice cream. In the next sequence, you would see her struggling to fit in her jeans, so she goes for a dress. Next thing you know, she will get a doctor’s diagnosis that confirms that she is now a diabetic, and it is all because she cannot control her sweet tooth!

It would be difficult to curb one’s sweet cravings, especially how sugar is almost everywhere. Countless products have it in their ingredients. Sometimes, it comes with your meal for free! Hence, it would not be a surprise to know that craving sweets is a common experience. What has caused it? Habit-forming behaviours that people developed when they want to reward themselves. You may think that you are craving sweets, but your mind has been unconsciously trained to crave sugar whenever you have achieved a goal. What is worse is that you may have been so addicted to the feel-good chemical you get when you have a sweet snack that you reward yourself with every big and small goal you achieved. Of course, it will lead to addiction.

Well, in this article, you will learn about healthily living with your sweet tooth. While you may not have access to vegan cake delivery in Singapore all the time, you must be aware of what wonders it could do to save you from your sweet tooth. Learn about it here.


What Sugar Addiction Can Do to Your Body?

Several people rely on instant processed foods for their meals and snacks. Mostly caused by their fast-paced lifestyle, they are not aware of the developing sugar addiction they have. You might be one of them.

With continuous large consumption of sugar, here is what will likely happen to your body:


Weight gain

You must take a step back before reaching out for that bag of chips and soda when you want to take a quick snack. If you must know, pairing a savoury snack with a sugary beverage will not curb your hunger. Instead, they contribute to giving you more pounds. If you want to avoid weight gain, exchange that bag of chips with fruit and soda with water!

Develop more acne

When it comes to acne development, sugary foods is one of its biggest contributors. These rapidly spike blood sugar and insulin levels, causing increased oil production and skin inflammation. Hence, if you want to avoid spending on expensive skincare products, try switching to a healthy diet.

Increase risk of depression

You might think that you are helping your brain produce more happy chemicals by treating yourself to a fresh cream cake every time you feel down. Well, you must know that sugar has detrimental effects on mental health. If not controlled in moderate consumption, you will have a higher risk of depression. Thus, help yourself by having more avenues in releasing your sadness other than eating cake.

These are only expected results that would happen to people like you who cannot help but have sugary snacks in their day. Not plenty of people are aware of how it can drain their energy at a drastic level or how it can put them with other health risks. While it is impossible to avoid foods with sugar in them, what you and these people need to have is control.


Importance of Eating the Right Foods

Everything is easier said than done, including your promise to choose the vegan cake option from your favourite birthday cake shop in Singapore. Understandably, every other sweet cake is irresistible. What might change your mind is how choosing the healthier option can do to your body.

Here is why it is important to always eat the right foods:


Improve your mood

Have you ever fought with a friend or co-worker when you were tired? One might say that they have all been there, but you may never have experienced it if you have eaten lower glycemic foods, such as whole grains and fruits. These foods will reduce symptoms of depression and fatigue, which are highly impactful when an emotional person has it.

Prevent memory loss

If your family has a line of cognitive conditions such as dementia, you must be looking out for your health as early as now. One way you can do that is to consume nutrients and foods rich in vitamins D, C, and E. You can also start by choosing to eat a dark chocolate-flavoured fresh cream cake to encourage neuron and blood vessel growth in parts of your brain that involve memory and learning.

Influence your children

Most health-related behaviours that children develop are influenced by the eating behaviours of the adults around them. Thus, if you want your child to grow up healthy and maintain good eating habits, you should show it to them by eating healthy foods in front of them! You would be subconsciously encouraging them to consume more vegetables and fewer sugary foods.

The beginning is always the hardest but suffice to say, it will be worth it to start switching to healthful foods. You may take some baby steps to achieve living with no processed sugar in your diet, and you can start by treating yourself with vegan cake delivery in Singapore. It would help in healthily controlling your sweet tooth!


Switching to Eating Vegan Cakes

Baby steps in reducing sugar in your diet can make remarkable changes when you are consistent with it. Remember that there is always an alternative to anything, especially if it is something sugary like cakes. Vegan cakes are becoming popular for a reason. Not only because creating them would not harm any animals, but because they taste like your regular sugary cakes!

What shines in the qualities of vegan cakes is that it uses natural sweeteners that have zero calories and carbs, which are the common culprits of weight gain when consumed excessively. If this is not enough to convince you to make the switch, here are some shining qualities that may persuade you to go vegan in your next order from your birthday cake shop in Singapore:


It can come in your favourite flavours

You might be worried that you would say goodbye to your favourite chocolate-flavoured cakes when you go for vegan cakes. Well, erase that worry because vegan cakes can come in many flavours. You can enjoy a chocolate flavoured vegan cake without guilt. Also, you can choose a fruity option as well!

They are affordable

If you treat yourself to a cake once every month or two, you would never go broke by choosing the vegan cake delivery option in Singapore. Their price range can reach more or less than S$70, so it will fit right into your budget!

Quality is not a compromise

Vegan cakes have a bad reputation for texture. Without the eggs, they are not as light and fluffy as your normal cake. Well, there is a community of bakers that ensure vegan cakes improve every bake. What you should do is find them because they create quality cakes that will easily convert you into an advocate of healthy cakes!

Children will love it

Children are susceptible to sweets and sugary snacks. If you want to control their sugar intake, vegan cakes are the best option. Instead of processed sugar, vegan cakes are made of natural sweeteners that do not put them at risk of diabetes. Hence, you get the best of both worlds!

Curb your unhealthy habits

When you watch what you eat, you are giving yourself a favour. It would be easier to understand it if you know that what you eat now can impact your future. Thus, if you start eating a vegan cake on a regular basis than your fresh cream cake, you would develop a healthy habit of eating more nutritious food!

You might think it is late for you to discover healthier options. However, you must know that your body can pick itself up when you want it. Whether you learn to choose salads than roast beef today or you choose to order a vegan cake for your next birthday, you should know that you are taking good care of your body by always eating right.


Tips in Controlling Your Sweet Tooth

It does not take one night to get over something that your mind and body has been accustomed to, especially if you are addicted to the temporary elated feeling that sugars snacks and cakes give you. Well, you are not alone in the journey of overcoming sugar addiction. There are plenty of people who have been in your shoes, and they are the ones you can trust in helping you stop and control your sugar cravings once and for all!

Let these tips from health experts help you out:


Start your day with a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and eating nutritious food can help in curbing your cravings throughout the day because it sets the tone of your meals. Once you have had a breakfast that combines good carbs and fibre with some protein, your body will less likely trigger mid-morning sugar cravings! Hence, planning your breakfast meals will ensure you avoid snack attack tendencies throughout the day.

It is okay to give in a little

Do you still have leftovers from your last purchase in your favourite birthday cake shop in Singapore? If so, do not throw them away during this transition process. It is all right to eat a bit of what you are craving. Remember that your goal is to control your sweet tooth and not to eliminate it. To that, you can be strict with yourself and make it a habit to try sticking to a 150-calorie threshold.

Always get a restful sleep

If you want to see significant improvement in controlling your sweet tooth, start by getting adequate amounts of sleep. You may not know it, but when you are tired, your hunger hormone called ghrelin increases. However, you can resist it by getting at least eight hours of sleep! Restful sleep would optimise your energy levels and reduce your appetite, including your sugar intake.

Make fruits your first choice

Your body will have an adjustment period, and it will take a while to discipline yourself to stop craving sweets. The solution? Keep fruits at reach! You will get fibre and nutrients plus some sweetness in them. Also, you should consider nuts, seeds, and dried fruits to include some healthy variety in your snack corner.

Go for vegan cakes

This transition process is not a linear one, and you will soon have a strong urge to let yourself give in to what your sweet tooth wants. When this happens, you must get a vegan cake delivery from Singapore cake shops. It will help trick your brain into thinking that you are giving it the sugar that it is craving, but at the same time, it is giving you the organic sweetness of the fruits in it!


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You are what you eat. It could be taken in a literal sense or a figurative sense, but either way, you must know that making the most of a dessert’s health benefits is having portion control. No man would get health benefits if he takes everything in large scoops, especially with cakes.

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