How to Analyze The Previous Record for Horse Race Betting?

Not only for horse race betting but all types of gambling games, it is highly recommended by all to have a look at records. The main motive is to give a slight idea about what can be your winning percentage off using a particular machine or horse. Some of the gamblers just select a horse randomly by seeing its colour, name, and so on. But choosing randomly like this can push the gambler to failure.

Now, some have doubts about how to analyze the previous records. Or in simple words, what will be the factors, a gambler must check when he or she is willing to select a horse for betting. Undoubtedly, a legit website must be selected first. A website that is offering all the details including odds of the past matches, is best for Horse Racing Betting. Let’s see how to analyze to win.

Check The Performances

Your first job will be to check the guide part of the website. There, you can find the abilities of every horse, which have participated to date. If the guide is good enough then there you can find weight, class, margins, and time also. You may see a symbol like ‘X’. It denotes that the particular horse hasn’t been played for a long time. These horses are being called ‘Spell’. This information is enough to give you a clear idea of which one is going to carry luck. Some horses are active from the starting and some get their fitness back after some relaxation. But this information is not enough to give you the winning bet price.

Finishing Position, Time, and Weight

  • The finishing position matters the most. Apparently, it looks to you that your horse is winning because it is in the first position. But have you checked whether the horse is from maiden race class or Open handicap race class? Because of these miscalculations, the second horse may finish first. So, a gambler must go through the finishing position including the race class.
  • Time is a factor and there is nothing more to elaborate about it. But make sure you are comparing the horses which are in the same class.
  • When it comes to weight, the lighter one is the faster one. But it depends also. Some horses, even if they are heavy, after getting a long break, they reach their maximum fitness level and can give a good show. Make sure, you also check the last performance date of the horse. Some horses take time to regain their ability after 1 week or 2 weeks. Bet according to that.

Here is a little advice for you. Try to select the horse from maiden races and also make sure you are betting on the maiden race only. Sometimes selecting the Class 1 race can also increase your profit. Reading Steward’s record can also help you. Those are legit and have a good track record. It will give you the hint about the unwritten characters of horses.