How to Buy Home Appliances with a Tight Budget

Part of moving to a new home is shopping for new appliances, especially when you are bringing nothing much to your new house. You would be filling up space with furniture and home appliances that you need. However, when you consider the biggest aspect there is, somehow the goal of filling up and decorating your new home is not that easy anymore.

Not everyone is blessed with an equal amount of financial resources, so even if the ideal situation is to shop for everything you want and need, from top tier air conditioners to double-doors refrigerator, sometimes things do not work out the way we want to. However, that is okay, it is perfectly normal. You could still shop for the home appliance you need, just follow these tips and you would be fine.

How can you shop for a home appliance with a tight budget?

1. Canvas and do your research

This is a step before you do your home appliance shopping. It is important that before you go to a shop or an online store to purchase multiple things and appliances, you already know how much one would cost. It is best that before you decide on which electric stove to buy, you already know how much you could spend on it. It would also help if you already have decided on which model and make you would be taking, considering that there would be different specs and features that one model or two do not share. It is crucial that beforehand, you do these things: research about the item and canvas for its price range. Say, you have learned the amount you would may or may not be spending on the stove, now what you want to do is save up and allot that said amount for the appliance.

It is not recommended that with a tight budget that you go with your impulse and act on it by buying a home appliance during the first item viewing. Half-baked decisions always end up being the worst ones you have. So, be cautious! Take a step back and do research first, for your sake.

2. List everything down

This one is a very helpful trick. According to science, when you write everything down, it helps you remember its importance and relevance. Especially when you list things down, your mind is bound to follow it. It is akin to setting a mental note but only stronger and more effective. When dealing with money and shopping, mental notes could waver and well, could disappoint. Most people give in to their impulsive nature and wants. Some end up buying other things even when all they need to buy is a rice cooker. So, when you have a list, there is a visual reminder of your priorities. The same thing could be said about planners and organizers. Hence, if you are not keen on listing priorities down, you should give it a try and see how it could positively affect your buying and thought process.

3. Disregard the wants and focus on the needs

This piece of advice has been long reiterated to guide consumers to proper and healthy buying habits. It could also be applied to home appliances and should be heavily applied because not everything you feel like you want is a need. Say, it is okay to indulge once in a while and get yourself the best washing machine in Malaysia. However, other than that, you need to check what you truly need. Ask yourself, “Do I need this or do I simply want this?” before staring at an air fryer. Contemplate and think about other appliances that are included in your list of priorities. Do not falter and give in to the temptation of healthy fried foods. You do not need an air fryer, you need a reliable washing machine first.

After you do this, you walk away from the air fryer, you hit the back option in your app or your browser and finally focus on the necessity.

4. Invest in appliances beforehand

As aforementioned, it is more challenging to shop for an appliance with a tight budget when it is your first time to do so. For example, you have been living in a fully-furnished condo or your parents’ home, and now you finally moved out and into your place, you began shopping for an appliance. You would feel overwhelmed and at that stage, it is hard to be decisive. You would either overspend or you would have poor decisions about the items you pick, even with a simple rice cooker. You might even end up forgetting to buy one even if you knew that rice is an essential part of Asian lives.

What you can do is, invest ahead of time, before you move out to your new place. You can buy one appliance after another from time to time. It helps because you do not need to shell out a huge amount of money in a single moment. So, get that rice cooker today or that electric stove, and then store it away for safekeeping before you move out.


All it takes is proper planning, self-imposed limitations, and prioritizing what you need from what you want. Home appliances are not the same as with your shoes, these are actual items that would help you live out your best life in your new home, and having one means that you are finally a responsible adult that can manage finances well. So, act your age and spend wisely on the following things.

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