How to Choose the Best Laser Eye Surgery Professional In Las Vegas

Taking time to find and choose the best surgeon for a laser eye surgery (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis or Photorefractive Keratectomy) procedure is an important step when it comes to increasing the likelihood of getting a satisfying visual result.

Finding the best Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis surgeon

Factors people need to consider when checking the qualifications, reputation, and skills of the refractive surgeon include:

Licensing – State licensing boards can help validate the surgeon’s credentials. People can also check the surgeon’s credentials via the National Practitioner’s Data Bank.

Board certification – Ask if the surgeon is a certified professional, not just a licensed medical practitioner. It means that they are a professional that is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. It also meant that they are licensed surgeon that can practice their medical specialty in a certain state or city. The American Board of Opthalmology or ABO is one of these entities that require their physicians to be board-certified and completed a certain training, as well as continuing education related to their specialty.

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ACS or American College of Surgeon’s membership – The American College of Surgeon upholds ethical standards of conduct for every member, who needs to be board certified. Physicians who use FACS or after their names are considered Fellow of the American College of Surgeon

Ads – A lot of refractive surgery clinics use newspaper, television, or radio advertisements, as well as the Internet. Some advertisements are more informative compared to others. Some peddle good pricing. But while it can be a starting point, a procedure price or an advertisement need not be the patient’s primary criterion when it comes to choosing the best surgeon that suits their needs.

Referrals – Ask people in your inner circle for referrals, especially from eye care practitioners like an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. Tell the physicians that you want a laser eye surgery professional in your area with an excellent reputation in this industry.

Not only that, the best laser eye surgery professionals can be an excellent source of referrals. If people know of refractive surgeons who are well-respected in another city or state, they need to call their office and ask if they know someone practicing near their area.

Other resources – AAO or the American Academy of Opthalmology, as well as the ASCRS or the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, have eye specialist directories on their websites. Not only that, but people can also check the Internet for LASIK surgeons in their area by Google searching on keywords related to the industry.

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What to ask the professional?

After finding a laser eye surgery expert, make sure to schedule an appointment for a consultation. It is a crucial meeting, that is why people need to take full advantage of it. Make sure to write down as many important and relevant questions about the procedure as possible. Also, ask every one of those questions during the scheduled visit. Listed below are some recommended questions people can ask professionals during their visits.

How many LASIK procedures have they done?

What is their complication rate, and how does it compare with the national average?

Do these professionals perform laser eye surgery procedures at their own clinic, or do they need to travel to another state or city?

Has the surgical clinic they use ever had a serious eye infection outbreak? If the answer is yes, what caused these outbreaks?

If complications do happen, what is their specific policy when it comes to follow-ups?

Do the professionals charge additional fees if an enhancement is needed?

If they do charge additional fees for enhancements, what type of price breaks can clients expect?

If they do not charge additional fees for enhancements, what is their cutoff date (for instance, one year) for addressing issues after the procedure?

Does their billing department explain every cost associated with the laser eye surgery or other correction procedures?

People need to be very confident that they have chosen the right expert. That is why, if the client is not happy with the answers to the professionals’ questions, check, or consult another eye expert.

The personal touch

While patients might hear of an excellent professional who practices outside their state or city, it really is better and more convenient to find surgeons close to their homes. If they have a rare complication that requires immediate attention, it will be a lot easier for patients if they can avoid traveling long distances for a scheduled appointment or routine follow-up care.

Like any relationships people have with other medical field experts, it needs to start with trust. People have to feel that they trust the person and that they are interested in them, both personally and professionally. It is pretty normal to be concerned if people think they lack rapport with the eye surgeon. If the procedure goes well, patients probably won’t have to see the professional too often, which is the end of their relationship.

But if for any reason they are not happy with the quality of the outcome, or there are issues with the healing process that need immediate attention, people may want to know that they have an eye surgeon who is personally connected to them and is working hard to address their concerns – experts who are not just running a clinic where they do not even remember who their patients are.

But to be fair, a lot of excellent surgeons usually have enough time to spend with their clients when routine operations are involved. That is why a competent Las Vegas Lasik surgeon also recognizes that it is imperative to have a respectful, friendly, and competent staff available who can assist with answering the client’s concerns and questions.

The initial impression people receive at the clinic’s front desk may be a crucial indicator of how comfortable they will be made to feel as they go through the steps of scheduling or undergoing surgical procedures. Assessing the presence of the surgeon’s personal touch is a significant step people need to take before they commit to a LASIK surgeon.