How to Preserve your Foie Gras Properly?

Foie Gras is a refined and delicious food that you can store in the fridge for some times. In fact, the preservation method and time varies according to the cooking of the product you decide to buy. Each cooking bringing a different taste so it is crucial to choose the right one by taking your gastronomic preferences into account. So how to preserve your foie gras the right way? Find here the answers!

The Preservation of Raw Foie Gras

If you opt for raw foie gras, it is important to purchase a fresh quality foodstuff. You will be able to refrigerate it for the next 7 days. But before that, you have to prepare you raw foie gras correctly. So, it is recommended to wrap it in a cloth or under cling film so that it does not oxidize. This step is mandatory once you get home after shopping it. Otherwise, you will have to cook all of your foie gras within only a few hours. Anyway, we advise you to cook it quickly so that it retains all of its flavor if it is not vacuum-packed.

The Preservation of Semi-Cooked Foie Gras

Semi-cooked foie can be stored in the fridge for 3 weeks. It is then more interesting than the first category mentioned just above because you can preserve it for a longer time. For this purpose, this type of foie gras is pasteurized and cooked below 100° C upstream. You can safely place it in your refrigerator at a temperature of 0 and 4° C during 21 days, not more. You have to consume it quickly after opening the packaging (1 to 2 days). Its low-temperature cooking method is excellent but makes it more fragile after its opening.

The Preservation of Canned Foie Gras

Cooked and canned foie gras like those you can find on are the most interesting and advantageous in terms of preservation because they can be refrigerated up to 4 years. Although, it is essential to verify the shelf life indicated on the packaging because it can be shorter depending on each brand. Also check the expiry date in case the product has been for sale for months or years. This type of foie gras is cooked at a temperature of 105 to 115° C before being canned. Once home, you can preserve it between 0 and 4 ° C and also consume it quickly after opening the tin can (up to 4 days).