How To Take Good Care Of An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Everyone would agree that electricity has become an essential part of life. After all, it makes everything convenient as it powers appliances and electronic machines. The problem, however, is that power outages can happen, which can cause negative impacts on people, especially on businesses. The good news is that the world’s technological advancement has reached a point when an uninterruptible power supply is possible. 

Humanity has invented an apparatus that provides an uninterruptible power supply, also known as UPS. It acts as an emergency power generator when the primary source of electricity fails. 

1. Set It Up In A Dry And Cool Place

That is one of the ways to increase the UPS battery life and continue to provide an uninterruptible power supply for a specific duration for years. If you place the UPS in extreme temperatures, every upsurge of 8° C can cut the UPS battery life in half. 

2. Properly Store Spare Battery

The average lifespan of UPS batteries can last up to five years. If you plan to keep some spares in your inventory, take note that they should only be in storage for 12 months. More than that would only shorten its battery lifespan and decrease the capacity for an uninterruptible power supply. 

3. Calibrate UPS Battery

Like power banks, calibrating UPS batteries helps optimise their capacity, helping them last longer. When you calibrate, you will have to use the UPS until its battery dies and turn it on. Ensure to remove it from the plug when doing this. Once the UPS batteries are completely dead, charge it to 100%, and from then on, you can resume its typical usage and charging routine. 

4. Use Energy-Saving Equipment

Another thing that you should do that can help take good care of UPS is to use energy-saving equipment so the UPS will provide a less uninterruptible power supply that can last longer. 

5. Clean Up The Area Where The UPS is

Even though dust might seem harmless, excessive amounts of dust can cause damage to UPS’s internal interface cables, making it unusable and unable to provide an uninterruptible power supply. The only way to prevent this situation from happening is to keep the area where the UPS is cleaned and dust-free. Consider dusting its area at least once or twice a week. 

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