The 3 Simple Approaches To Treating TFCC Injury in Singapore 

If you are experiencing difficulty rotating your wrist, painful sensation on the ulnar side, weakness and somewhat of awrist sprain, there’s a good chance you have a TFCC injury. TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) injury affects the triangular fibrocartilage part that connects the bone in your forearm with bones in the wrist. TFCC is a load-bearing wrist structure, and they serve as a ‘stabiliser’ within the ulnar of the wrist. 

Chronic injury in the TFCC region can occur when engaging in intense physical activities such as basketball. The most common causes are a force on the hand or wrist and excessive use. Falling or outstretching your hand can also cause damage, and ageing is another common factor. Here are some tips recovery tips for TFCC injury:

Halt Activities That Cause Pain

If you are looking for a way to treat TFCC injury in Singapore, the initial step you can take is to give your wrist a rest. Stop (temporarily) performing activities that can cause wrist pain while the injury heals. When you are treating an injury, it’s a good idea to halt activities for a while since doctors would likely recommend you take a ‘break’ for a few weeks. In some cases, they will also prescribe you to follow a physical therapy programme as part of rehabilitation. 

Perform the Right Exercises

Performing the right exercises for your injury or condition can accelerate the recovery stage. As you recover from the TFCC tear, you can follow some simple exercise movements focusing on your wrist. These exercises are moving your wrist in a circular direction, stretching, flexing and gripping. Nevertheless, you must refrain from overexerting your wrist to avoid severe pain. A doctor can provide you with a specific exercise program that you can perform at your home. 

See A Physical Therapist

An easy way to treat your TFCC injury is to seek a physical therapist. Regardless of whether you’re finding a way to treat a hand injury, a minor fracture or a tennis elbow treatment in Singapore, a physical therapist is a must. A therapist can provide you with a specific treatment program to speed up your recovery. This program includes exercises you can do in the comfort of your home to help you return to your normal life. They can also provide treatment techniques to help you perform activities right away without risk. 

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