How To Use Christmas Lights Around Your Swimming Pool To Make It More Magical

is the season to be magical. If you’ve got a pool in your yard, you can add layers of whimsy to your place if you put a Christmas lighting installation around it. In this article, we’re giving you ideas — and tips — how to do it effectively and safely.

Pool Lighting Ideas

Electricity and water aren’t exactly the combination you want if you want to keep your place safe. With this in mind, you have to really think about how you can make your pool area magical using holiday lights without necessarily compromising your safety.

With this in mind, here are some pool lighting ideas you can try:

Illuminate from above. If you ask Christmas lights installers, one of the first rules to follow is to keep your lights away from the water. In this case, you can install your lights in trees or roof gables. Doing so will also evoke that feeling as if you’re being illuminated by the moonlight.

Light up your patio or pergola. Most pools have an open deck, patio, or pergola around it. You can also choose to light up this portion — along with the pathways leading up to this area. Just make sure that you keep the lights away from flammable things like patio furniture. Some only install a temporary lighting system while others opt to make it a permanent part of their yard.

Bring water features to life. Water features like a waterfall also deserve to be given the spotlight. Talk with a Christmas lighting installation expert on how you can safely amplify this part of your pool area using the appropriate lighting materials.

Words to Remember

Whatever pool lighting idea you prefer, you have to be knowledgeable about the following:

Make sure your pool area is clean. Holiday season or not, it is part of your responsibility as a homeowner to clean your pool and its surroundings. This task becomes all the more crucial if you plan to install lighting in this area — it reduces the risk of accidents and makes your yard even more appealing.

Use high-quality materials. Indoor holiday lights are different from the ones you install outdoors. So make sure that what you’ll use is specifically designed for home exterior areas. Additionally, you have to be strategic about your power sources. All materials you should use should be safe and resistant from different elements.

Know that safety should be your top priority. As mentioned, putting up a Christmas lighting installation in your pool area shouldn’t compromise your and your loved ones’ safety. Apart from keeping lights away from water, you have to ask yourself — were they firmly mounted? Are there no cords that can cause someone to trip over?

Choose the right amount of brightness. Having excessive amounts of brightness coming from articulated lights during nighttime can cause eyestrain. The key is to choose bulbs that won’t produce too much glare. You also have to consider their positions and their angles.

Team up with professional Christmas lights installers. Installing lights around your pool area is something that should be guided or done by an expert. Getting their help will guarantee your installation’s safety. They can also provide you with professional advice on what you should and shouldn’t do if you have lighting set up around your pool.