Knock, Knock, Who’s There: All About HDB Main Door That You Need To Be Aware Of

The HDB main door is one of the things that homeowners take for granted in their house. Even though they often use it every day from going and back from work, they barely seem to care until someone has decided to visit their home.

If you are one of those homeowners, you should know that taking good care of your HDB main door also means securing your family’s safety. Knowing its locking mechanism works gives you peace of mind that no one can trespass in your home, even during your sleep.

To guarantee that you will secure your home and the safety of your family members, read on. In this handy guide, learn all about the HDB main door that you need to know. Doing so will help you take good care of your front door.

Part 1: How Should You Take Good Care Of Your HDB Main Door?

No matter how sturdy your HDB main door is, it is prone to wear and tear over time. The only way to slow down the degradation of the quality is to take good care of your HDB main door.

Below is your guide on how you should take good care of your HDB main door.


1. Routine Rust Check

Even though your home is not outside the building, there is still a chance that your HDB main door will rust since they are mostly made of metal. If the ones you have in your residence are metal, there is a probability they will erode over time due to the excessive humidity.

2. Keep It Dry And Clean

Apart from maintaining its gleaming finish, keep it dry and clean to ensure your family are safe from any possible virus transmission. Guarantee to do this as frequently as you can.

3. Say No To Abrasive Cleaning Agent

Although using cleaning products to clean the surface of your HDB main door is a good idea, abrasive cleaning agents are not recommended for a Samsung digital lock in Singapore. Doing so will damage the surface by leaving an uneven finish and white blotches, and expect the locking mechanism to get affected.

4. Lubricate The Hardware

The pieces of your gate will wear out over time as you enter and exit your HDB. You can expect the parts of your HDB main door to become stiff due to a lack of oil, which is why you need to lubricate the hardware from time to time.

5. Replace Worn Out Components

If lubrication is not enough and the hardware is still stiff, you will most likely need to replace the parts since they have worn out. If your HDB main door is already old and you cannot find any spare parts, replacing it with a new HDB main door is the next best choice.

Part 2: When Should You Consider Replacing Your HDB Main Door?

Speaking of replacement, you should know that there are obvious signs when you should replace your HDM main door. Read on to find out what those signs are, which you might be overlooking with your HDB main door.



1. Exiting Space Underneath Or Around Your Doors

Shutting the HDB main door and closing the lights inside your residence will help you see this sign. If you can glimpse some lights seeping through a space under or around your HDB main door, that only means they are not perfectly fit with the entrance of your residence.

2. They Are Not Locking Properly

One way to determine whether or not your HDB main door’s lock is working well is to push and pull it once you have locked it. Doing so will give you a complete picture of how securely closed they are. If the HDB main door opens after a simple push, the locking mechanism is not working as it should be.

3. Having Trouble Opening Your HDB Main Door

If you need to pour all of your energy when opening your HDB main door, you need to replace it. Otherwise, you might get trapped inside once you cannot open it with enough force.

Part 3: The Questions You Should Ask AnHDB Main Door Supplier

By the time you know what kind of HDB main door your residence should have, make sure to find a reliable supplier. Ask the following questions to all of your shortlisted candidates so you can weigh whether or not they are the ones right who can supply and install your new HDB main door.

Question #1: Is there a warranty included on the product or service work?

Having a warranty included either or both on the product or service work can reassure you that the HDB main door supplier will be liable for any damage and inconvenience that can happen after the entrance has been installed.

Question #2: How long will the installation of a new HDB main door take?

The installation duration highly depends on the complexity of your chosenHDB main door. If it has a Samsung digital lock in Singapore, you can expect the installation to take 30 minutes to 1 hour before completion,

Question #3: How long have you been installing HDB main doors?

You may ask this question if you want to know the experience of the personnel assigned to install your new HDB main door. The long years of experience they have means they can securely install it in your residence.

Secure Your Home By Taking Good Care Of Your HDB Main Door!

How long the HDB main door will last is in your hands. To guarantee it will be able to secure your home and keep you and your family members safe, you need to take good care of your HDB main door.

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