Which Type of Flooring Can Offer You the Best Resale Value for Your House?

Often while renovating or even constructing a new house most house owners need to be careful about the type of flooring to choose for various rooms. If you ever decide to resale your house in future, then the type of floor you installed can influence the resale value of your house.

Which type of flooring can offer you the best value for your money? 689 Pty Ltd, a professional flooring company and service provider in Australia, can offer you a better answer if you seek any advice.

Let us try to consider three different flooring options and try to understand how they can influence the resale value of your home.

1. Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is considered to be a premium option, as far as the resale value of your home is concerned. Any prospective home buyers will be ready to offer a little higher price than what you can expect.

However, you must understand that hardwood floors are a bit expensive and also difficult and time-consuming to install as well. If you maintain your wooden floor well and regularly do timber floor sanding and polishing from time to time, then the grace of the floor can be maintained for a very long period.

Besides that, as the hardwood floor will get old it will offer a vintage look that is very attractive too.

2. Engineered timber flooring

If you are a little short of budget, then you can also go for the engineered timber flooring option and in most apartments, this kind of flooring is generally preferred. It can offer the natural beauty that you can find in the timber, provide better stability, and also offers very low noise.

Thus, with engineered timber flooring, you may get the same feel and experience that you can get from a real one, however, you may not get as much resale value for any high-end properties that any hardwood flooring can offer. For any medium-range house, this can be the right option.

So, this kind of flooring can be a perfect option for those homes who want the same feeling of a hardwood floor at a lesser cost.

3. Laminate flooring

Generally, in a lost home where home prices may not be as high, people will prefer to go for vinyl planks flooring installation. This type of flooring is the cheapest among all three options and naturally, the resale value of such homes where laminate flooring is installed will be much lower.

Laminate flooring will be suitable only for cheaper houses where it can offer a better resale value. However, for any expensive house, this type of flooring is not the right option.

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