Know The Details Of Fiction Vs. Real World With Walter Babst

Fiction means a piece of work or a story which has no connection with the real world. The source of fiction is inside the mind of a person and his imagination. Fictions are very enjoyable as they take you to a whole another world free from the hustles of real life. There are different types of fiction is like romantic, dramatic, suspicious, gothic, adventurous etc. It depends on the person who’s going to choose what type he/she is interested in. Although fiction is not real, it is not totally detached from reality. Fiction is based on reality bit with little twist. For example what is real in the real world, fiction will change its shape and present it to the readers in a magical way.

Significance of fiction:

Fiction might not be real but it takes a person out if their stressful life and lands him in a world full of illusion and variety. While reading or watching a well-constructed fiction a person enters into that world of fiction. He enjoys the atmosphere around it. This gives him the immense pleasure and keeps him away from the harsh reality of his everyday life.

Fiction is like a big picture. What you cannot see in your real life because you lack the capability of picturing it wholly, fiction makes you see it. Fiction removes all the obstacles that is restricting you in the way to visualise your bigger picture. So in that way you also can find the way of removing the obstacles.

Fiction helps you find other people’s perspective. In fiction you can see through other person’s eyes and look into their perspective. What you couldn’t understand or didn’t even think of considering, you may do so because when you’re reading through the fiction and understanding that through the eyes of that fictional character, you can see the perspective. A good fiction leads you to the core of the story and it’s psychology. While reading it, you’re reading the philosophy and psychology and also exploring the uncovered paradigm of the fictional world.  While reading a fiction you can be a whole different person altogether and that’s the adventure of it. You can enjoy the person’s world, its gender, age, its era everything would be different and it will allow you to enter into a whole new you.

For example, in the Harry Potter series, which is the favourite fictional series of Walter Babst, Harry enters into the magical world in the beginning of every book but he has to exit at the end of the book. In between this time he learns a lot which helps him in his practical life. That’s the job of fiction. You need to take help of your imagination to survive in your real world.

That who cannot do it, their real life is a futile as that of the Muggles mentioned in the series. J.K. Rowling has invented the word Muggles which means those who do not believe in magic. By this she meant to say that everyone has a real life, but those who can sneak into the imaginative world sometimes are special.