Looking for the Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore? Watch Out for These 8 Red Flags

Finding the best divorce lawyer in Singapore involves careful assessment of your available options. Some of the things you need to consider before hiring are their licence, reviews, and availability. Additionally, you will also need to ask them several questions to give you insight into whether they are capable of handling your case properly.

However, the credentials and ability of a lawyer to answer your questions are no guarantee that they are the best for you. Aside from these factors, being aware of the numerous red flags you need to watch out for is crucial in determining the success of your divorce procedure in Singapore.

Therefore, you might be asking about the importance of being aware of these red flags. Failing to notice them ahead of time can significantly hinder you or the progress of your Singapore divorce process. Furthermore, it can have an impact on your financial stability.

In this article, learn about these eight signs to avoid when hiring a lawyer for your divorce procedure in Singapore. Continue reading this article for more information.

Looking for the Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore? Watch Out for These 8 Red Flags

Poor Communication

Communication between you and your attorney is crucial in determining the success of a divorce procedure in Singapore. Since there will be numerous decisions you need to make throughout the entire process, you must have a reliable lawyer to whom you can consult regarding details you may not fully understand. Proper communication allows clients, such as you, to be aware of sudden developments and ensure that you know everything you need to know before making a decision.

Poor communication in a divorce procedure can result in major setbacks, as well as confusion. Watch out for this red flag before hiring a lawyer.

Lack of Empathy

Unlike other lawsuits, a divorce procedure involves emotions that can bring significant changes to all parties. Lack of empathy from an attorney can lead to difficulty when pushing the case forward. Additionally, it can bring frustration and depression due to the lack of help.

A divorce process requires a lawyer who can empathise with their clients. These individuals are capable of guiding people through this procedure and determining what they want to get from it.

Ensure that the lawyer you hire understands what you’re going through and can help you through your divorce procedure.

Highly Aggressive


When you observe your lawyer being highly aggressive towards the other party, you may want to consider hiring a new one. While it is true that aggression is necessary for legal practitioners, excessiveness can lead to wasting the time and money of their clients. It is crucial, therefore, that the attorney you hire for your divorce procedure is willing to cooperate with the other side while being capable of aggressiveness if the moment calls for it.

Aside from the effects that overly aggressive lawyers can have on you and your spouse, it can also have a significant impact on your children. Excellent attorneys know that cooperation has its uses if their goal is to bring the best to their clients.

In short, aggression is a welcome trait when hiring a lawyer for your divorce procedure. However, ensure that they know how to control it throughout the process.

Lack of Confidence

Confidence is a crucial trait to look for in a lawyer. Remember that a divorce in Singapore can cost you significantly. If your attorney doesn’t have the conviction and determination to help you through the process, consider looking for another legal practitioner.

Gives Unrealistic Promises

Like overly aggressive lawyers, those who give promises or seem too confident in their skills are a warning sign you need to keep in mind. Remember that the best divorce lawyer knows their strengths and weaknesses. They do not let their words speak for themselves, but rather, they let their experience and portfolio do the talking.

Outrageous claims or promises may mean your attorney is compensating for something. While providing hope to their clients is a decent act, it should be at a realistic level.

Shows Unprofessional Behaviour


Professionalism is crucial in finding a lawyer for your divorce procedure. If they cannot act the way they are supposed to, it can lead to major setbacks and delays. The following are some examples that show the unprofessional behaviour of a lawyer:

  • Replies late to emails or calls
  • Often reschedules consultations
  • Doesn’t notify you of deadlines
  • Fails to let you know about the crucial details
  • Uninterested in helping you

If your lawyer shows any of these signs, consider looking for another one to avoid issues during the divorce process.

Clueless to the Details of Your Case

If you notice that your lawyer is asking the same questions several times regarding your circumstance, it may be a warning sign that they aren’t interested or unaware of your needs. While cases for a divorce procedure share similarities, there are specific differences that set them apart. It is their ethical obligation to study and understand your circumstances.

Paying lawyer fees for divorce isn’t cheap. If your attorney isn’t familiar with the specifics of your case, you are wasting your time and money. Consider switching services when it happens.

Too Much Emotional Investment

While you should expect your lawyer to empathise with you, too much emotional investment can be detrimental to your case. Remember to keep things professional throughout the divorce procedure in Singapore. Once you notice that the process is affecting your attorney on an emotional level, find another legal practitioner.


Finding the best divorce lawyer in Singapore is crucial in helping you go through the process. While it is necessary to research and ask questions regarding their credibility, it is equally vital that you watch out for red flags.

If you need a reminder of why it is essential to be aware of these warning signs, keep in mind the phrase, “To avoid mistakes, you need to be aware of the causes that led to them.”

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