Lorry Transport Services | How Do They Handle Long Distance Deliveries?

Right before COVID-19 came to exist in Malaysia, we all had a day job. A work that helps us pay our bills and take care of our children. However, COVID-19 came out of nowhere and threatened our daily lives. That is for sure, not only here in our country, but also to the rest of the world. For that reason, most of us lost our jobs. Our means of living, per se. So, for the past months of 2020, what did those people have done to survive? Most of them became an online seller and started their own business. For sure, you decided to become one as well. However, you must know that there are challenges you would encounter. One of which is delivering the orders of your clients. You see, lorry transport services can be expensive if you do not know what to do. Besides, the process of lorry transport in Malaysia is no longer the same as before. They had to change their operation to keep the products of their customers like you safe and sound. 

Here are the things you need to know how lorry transport services manage to deliver this pandemic.

How Do Lorry Transport Services Manage to Delivery in Long Distance?

Many businesses had to close down since the beginning of the health crisis. However, lorry transport providers in Malaysia never thought of that since they still have packages needed to deliver. The needs of citizens increase as time passes. So, to meet every demand, they need to change their ways and make their services a lot more available than before. As a result, they decided to provide long-distance delivery services to their clients. 

What Lorry Transport in Malaysia Did When Their Services Became In High Demand?

The lorry transport services here became more active and available to their customers’ request. But even though they were busy, they still try their best to follow and comply with the given counter safety measures. 

How Lorry Transport Services Adapt to COVID-19 Safety Measures?

  • Train Truck Drivers With Online Tools

To maintain social distancing, lorry transport providers in Malaysia decided to train their drivers with online tools. That way, they would know when to gather and where they need to go during working hours. Furthermore, if they need to ask something, they can quickly write their concerns down and receive a reply from their bosses or management.

  • Instal Vehicle GPS Tracker

The lorry transport provider decided to install one on each lorry so they could monitor its location. Doing so helps them identify where and when the vehicle will arrive at its destination. As a result, the recipient would not have to worry or wait too long for their package to arrive. Also, lorry transport providers would know better if their drivers are driving safely and follow traffic regulations. 

  • Provide Necessities to Workers

Since health is wealth, lorry transports services make sure to provide these following. That way, there will be less to no virus transmission during their operation.

  • Face masks
  • Gloves 
  • Face shields
  • Soaps
  • Alcohol or Hand Sanitizer

What Should You Check Before Choosing Your Lorry Transport Provider for Long Distance Delivery?

Manage Your Products 

  • Its Dimension and Weight

Be smart when packaging your products. That way, there will be no excessive weight that would add to your transportation needs. So, if you can, weight each package and note down how heavy or light they are. 

  • Shipping or Delivery Options

All lorry transport services provide two options: standard and expedite. So, make sure before you let them take away your products, choose the right choice depending on your client’s request. 

  • Obtain Full Coverage

You have to, so you would know the lorry transport services would take responsibility for any loss or damage to your product. 

  • Look for Additional Costs

Of course, especially if you would need to deliver your product far from where you are. You see, long-distance lorry transport costs are different from short-distance ones. So, be sure to check the fee first. 

Type of Truckload Delivery

  • FULL
      • A client occupies the entire space of the vehicle. It often costs a lot more, especially for long-distance delivery. So, if you are on a budget, you might as well consider the next one, LTL.
  • LTL
    • The acronym LTL stands for Less Than Truckload. It means it would only occupy a partial or small area of the vehicle. While the rest are for other clients who have transportation needs. 

Why Consider LTL Lorry Transport for Long Distance?

LTL is unlike other lorry transport services. Even though it delivers only a small volume package, you could send it out in far distant places. So, if you have a client living across Singapore, they would still be able to get safe and sound. Moreover, LTL is cheaper than the rest since the other part of the vehicle will be for their other clients. Do not worry. Your products will be safe since they would arrange all the packages by brand or per orders of their client. 

Hock Cheong in Malaysia Guarantees Fast and Safe Lorry Transports Services 

At Hock Cheong, you can rest assured that your products will get delivered right through the doorstep of your client. So, in case, you need to send out something right across the borders between Singapore and Malaysia, Hock Cheong could deliver for you through their lorry transport services. 

So, what are you waiting for? Give them a call at +603-7784228 and request a quote for your transportation needs! For sure, they will take away the hassle of delivering your products by yourself.

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