Main Failures Of Electronic Locks And How To Fix Them

Security is an essential need in every community. The use of Commercial electric gates go a long way to ensure a level of security in our society. These are the main errors presented by this type of locks and the corresponding solutions:

1.Battery Problems

These locks have batteries to prevent the lock from being unusable in the event of a power failure. They can also wear out and leave the lock inoperative.

Solution: Although they are long-lasting batteries, they should be replaced at the times established by the manufacturer. It will also be important to have controlled the charge of the batteries of the controls, since in case it does not work, you will have to notify a locksmith, being able to damage the door and the lock in the normal procedure of opening the door in these cases .

2.Failures In The System

Being a digital system,

technical problems can occur in the device. Solution: It is recommended to do monthly maintenance to verify that the system is still in good condition.

3. Fragility

These locks are fragile with respect to physical force. If you try to break with the right tools, it is easy to do so. Solution: It is recommended to have them invisibly to avoid that they can be physically manipulated.

4. Mechanical Problems:

Although they do not use physical keys, these locks continue to

depend on a mechanical locking system, so they may have failures such as those listed below:

  • Problems with the lock plate : The lock plate is the
    metal part that the door latch sinks into. If the lock plate is not perfectly aligned, there will be no smooth entry. Over time the impact plate may loosen and sink to the point that the latch may stop working. Solution: Make sure that the lock plate is straight and not tilted, and then tighten the screws.
  • Hinge Problems: Many of the closing problems are caused by security door hinges . If the hinges are not securely attached, the door may gradually fall off, eventually interfering with the alignment between the door latch and the lock plate. Solution: keep the door hinges in good condition and well fixed.