Play RSA Daily Lotto 5/36 at HomePlay and Enjoy Impressive Wins All Year Round!

Millions of South Africans love playing RSA Daily Lotto and try never to miss a single draw of this fantastically fun lottery game. While the prizes offered by RSA Daily Lotto 5/36 are smaller if compared to another popular African lottery, SA Powerball 5/50, its draws are more frequent and happen every day of the week, all year round, with the exception of Christmas. It means players in this game have a lot more opportunities to win and take home a handsome cash reward.

How does RSA Daily Lotto play?

Playing RSA Daily Lotto is easy, even for newcomers, as this fun lottery does not involve complex rules or requirements. Out of the pool of 36 balls, five numbers are drawn randomly during each session. The player who can correctly predict all five winning balls scores an extra-generous top prize. This enjoyable little lottery game takes place every evening at 21:00 SAST, and the results are made known right away.

Why play RSA Daily Lotto at HomePlay?

If you want a more flexible and convenient betting experience, come to HomePlay and play your favorite RSA Daily Lotto or other lotteries online. The platform is designed to cater to the unique needs of South African gamblers, providing all the tools and features necessary to make each betting session an immense joy and success. 

When placing your RSA Daily Lotto bets with HomePlay, you do not participate in the lottery directly but try to predict various outcomes associated with this draw. This fixed-odds betting system is known as Lucky Numbers betting, and it comes with a broad range of unique benefits for the player. Here are just some of them:

  • Enjoy fixed winnings. You always know how much you can win in the game and can be sure your payouts will be yours only, even if other players pick the same winning numbers as you.
  • Choose from an impressive variety of betting markets. No need to limit your betting to lucky numbers only. With HomePlay, punters can try their luck predicting Unlucky numbers, Odd/even balls, Lowest and highest balls, Divisible numbers, and other game outcomes.
  • Play as many numbers as you wish. HomePlay bettors can pick and bet on any number of balls they like, be it one or five. The more numbers they select and match, the bigger the payout.

To play RSA Daily Lotto online at HomePlay, carefully follow the instructions on this page –