Qualities that You Should Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

Ending your marriage is not as simple as separating ways with your husband or wife. You have to file a divorce. The process is complicated as there are lots of legal matters to attend to. Thus, it is essential to look for the rightdivorce lawyer. They would be the one who would represent you in court.

Why Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

Even though some claim that you do not have to hire a divorce lawyer, especially if it is an uncontested divorce, it is still better to seek their expertise. An uncontested divorce means that neither the two parties are fighting over money or any property. Both came into a mutual agreement before filing the divorce. Although this is the case, there should be a divorce lawyer who would review all the legal documents. It is to ensure that the terms and conditions stated in the written documents are acceptable in court.

How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

If you decide to hire a divorce lawyer, then you have to choose carefully. Even though having the skills and experience is a huge plus, these are not just the factors that you have to consider. They should also be someone who could meet all of your demands. Do you need an attorney who could fight in the court, does their role involve only in helping you make amends with your partner?

You just have to remember one important aspect if you want to find a gooddivorce lawyer in Singapore: they also have to be a family lawyer in Singapore. If they are familiar with family law, then they are knowledgeable about child custody, paternity, guardianship, orders of protection, and other family legal matters.

Qualities that You Should Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

Even though looking into their credentials and experience matters, there is another essential thing to consider— it’s the attitude and character of the divorce lawyer. Not only do they have to show professionalism, but they should also be someone you are comfortable to work with. Someone you could trust.

Keep on reading to know what are the other qualities that you should look for in a divorce lawyer.

  • Confident

If it is a contested divorce, then the more reason to choose a confident lawyer. They should know how to become assertive and proactive without getting emotional in court. This is how they can display their confidence. They always believe that they can get the upper hand and turn the situation around with their arguments. Remember that stating good arguments with the utmost confidence could help convince the judges on the court.

  • Composed

There would be scenarios in which the judge and the other party’s lawyer is starting to become frustrating and upsetting. Even though a divorce lawyer is in this situation where there is a heated discussion, he would not easily lose his composure. He could still think straight and present string arguments that could help his client win the case. Losing composure and getting emotional would make things worse because he may say some negative things that could affect the outcome of the court proceeding.

  • Knows How to Negotiate

You might be put on a scenario in which it would be impossible to win all the terms into your favour. If this is the case, then you may need adivorce lawyer who could help you negotiate right on the spot. He should have good problem-solving skills to make favourable negotiations. Even though you may not get everything you have wanted, at least, a large portion of it would be favourable for you.

  • Cordial

It is also important to choose a cordial divorce lawyer. Like, when you step right into their office, they do not feel intimidating to talk to. They should be someone you are comfortable with so that you could easily relay your concerns to him. You could ask questions without hesitation. In this way, there is a high chance that you would be able to get the terms that you wanted in this divorce.

Someone cordial also knows how to listen well. He would listen to their clients’ requests and offer solutions to problems that might arise because of the request. With this, you can make the most out of the time and money you have invested in your chosen divorce lawyer.

  • Honest

Another quality you should look for is honesty. There would be times that you would be put in an uncomfortable situation when filing for a divorce because some circumstances might not be in your favour. Like for example, they would ask you to find more evidence to prove your claims, and you could end up in a tight spot if you have to gather more evidence.

In difficult situations, the honesty of yourdivorce lawyer is highly important. This is to ensure that you would not have any false hopes. However, this does not mean that he should become too negative about the situation. He should state this as possibilities— not the actual outcome. There is still hope to turn the situation around.

  • Resourceful

Lastly, your divorce lawyer should be resourceful. He should have some associates he could work with to gain stronger evidence. It would be easier for your lawyer to come up with major arguments if he has a team he could work with. Moreover, his associates would serve as his assistants who could provide paralegal support during emergencies.

Hire a Good Divorce Lawyer in Singapore

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