Raclette from SmartRaclette

The Smart Raclettes is a popular Swiss dish (a swiss tradition that still people love enjoying but with the help of technology now these are more improved and equipped), which is also very popular in France and many other countries across the world, that consists of melted cheese eaten and potatoes. It also alludes to a Swiss-style party meal appliance where people gather around the cooking appliance and cook various types of dishes with the items available in front of them. A raclette grill is a small electric cooking appliance. Each device has two cooking areas including one for melting the cheese and another flat grill surface for cooking other items. There are several trays known as couples in French that are used for cooking the cheese and other liquid items.

A smart raclette grill is a perfect appliance to prepare delicious food for a small gathering such as family gatherings, friendly get-together, party celebration, birthday celebrations, and other special occasions. It is definitely a better option than the old-fashioned cooker because it can cook several dishes at the same time, saving much time and energy. Besides, it doubles the fun in a party since people gather around it and prepare their own recipes, which trigger conversations. And as human beings, we also love to making our own meals and starting sweet conversations with our loved ones.

Benefits of Using a Raclette Grill

The grills are the best option to cut your cooking time without compromising with the taste or reducing the fun. Instead, raclettes have made cooking for a party an enjoyable experience and conversation starter. Here are some of the advantages of using a raclette instead of a traditional cooker:

Perfect For Hosting

These smokeless raclette grills are surprisingly flexible for any type of gathering. Mostly these raclettes are used for indoors as the unit requires plugging into a socket. Unlike a BBQ, the raclette is a smokeless grill, which makes it perfect for indoor occasions.

Whether it’s a birthday, a family dinner, or even just a party with having friends or colleagues, you will be sure to create memorable occasions hosting with the smokeless grill.

Health Benefits

Grilling the food is healthy because it offers maximum nutrition without sacrificing flavours. It requires minimal added fats but keeps vegetables and steaks juicy and tender. So, if you are trying to watch your diet without leaving out the delicious food items, a raclette grill will be your saviour.

Anyone Can Cook With Raclettes

Cooking is a skill but a raclette grill makes the chore so easy that anyone can cook. You don’t have to invest hours preparing fancy dishes. Just collect plenty of ingredients, cut or chop them, and put everything together on the raclette following the delicious recipes available online. Cooking has never been so relaxing and less of a chore!

Non-Sticky Grill Plate

The SmartRaclette has been designed for giving you the life-giving experience. Fed up of scraping the BBQ for hours on end to remove all the food stuck to the grill? Well, no problem. These Smart raclettes have been designed to make things super easy for you!

Non-Stick Surface

Scratch Resistant

Removable Top Plate

Easy to Clean

Conversation Starter

Depending on the size, two to twelve people can gather around a raclette grill and cook food. It’s a great opportunity to start a conversation and get to know each other. Opposite to loud and chaotic house parties, a raclette dinner party will be quite organized because it can create an intimate atmosphere.

Keeps Food Warm for a Long Time

When was the last time you spent at least an hour to take your dinner? We’ve become so busy and so accustomed to quick eating that we forget to savour and appreciate the taste of food. The dining in a raclette grill party can last longer than a normal house party because the hot stone keeps food warm for hours. It teaches you to slow down and relish the joy of eating.

How to Use a Raclette Grill?

If you are a newbie, reading the user manual is the best way to get the primary idea. Always keep in mind that it’s just a cooking appliance, not a spaceship. So, it’s not rocket science to figure out the functions of a raclette grill. Some basic steps that you can follow are:

• Assemble the unit properly before plugging it in.

• Clean everything before using it. This is applicable to a brand new product too that you have just unpacked for the first time after buying. Similarly, you should clean all the parts after every cooking session.

• Make sure that the grill is dry before plugging it into an outlet.

• Preheating the cooking surface will make the dishes ready within a short time.

• If its a stone surface, don’t use any non-stick cooking spray because it will only burn on the surface.

• Wait for the grill to dry completely before storing it away. Use a paper towel or dry cloth to quicken the process.

Safety Precautions to Take

The smart raclettes are safe to use but like any grilling units, raclette grills are an open cooking surface. So, you need to take some safety measures to make sure that there is no accident. Below are some safety tips that you must have to follow and if you want more information read the user manual which comes along with the smart raclette.

• Keep the children away from raclettes. It is an open cooking surface and kids can get hurt by touching it if they are around.

• Don’t touch hot surfaces with your bare hands. Use cooking utensils to stir, whip, or mix and mittens for moving the trays and other parts.

• The spatulas should be heat-resistant and feature stay-cool handles.

• Don’t soak in water or try to clean when the cooking surfaces are still hot. Wait for everything to cool down.

• If it is an electrical model, never forget to unplug it before cleaning.


The raclette is certainly a great addition for any home and one you can enjoy time and time again. If you’re ready to purchase yours today and be the host with the most, then head on over to www.smartraclette.com.au and purchase for only $194.99 AUD.