Singapore Poverty Line: 4 Effects Of Poverty On Children

Poverty affects various vulnerable groups in the community, but no one is more helpless than children. For communities living below theSingapore poverty line, young and innocent children get the most impact of poverty.

Much worse, children have no power to uproot themselves from the rotten poverty silo. They rely on their parents, the community, and the government. If we leave them behind, our future will be in peril since kids are our future.

 Here are the effects of povertyon children:

1. Educational inequality

Education is crucial for children; however, due to poverty, not every kid can go to school. Some children have to leave school to work and support their families. Some parents don’t have money to support their child’s education. Poor areas and communities have no access to schools or academic institutions. These children may grow up not being able to read, write, or count.

It is crucial not only for the parents but for the community and government to eradicate educational inequalityand support the education of disadvantaged children to ensure career opportunities as they grow old.

2. Poor health

Poverty affects the health of the mostvulnerable groups in the community. Expensive healthcare prevents people from seeking medical treatments for their ailments. As an alternative, they resort to herbal medicine and quack doctors, which pose more danger.

Moreover, malnutrition among children makes them more prone to diseases due to weak immune systems. They can also develop health conditions, including anaemia, stunting, and delayed cognitive development.

3. Safety and security risks

When children don’t go to school, they are highly likely to spend most of their time outside, which can put their lives at risk. They are exposed to road accidents, people with ill intentions, and more.

Moreover, children involved in child labour are also at risk of occupational hazards. Since they are underage and illegally working, insurance does not cover them.

4. Violence against children

One of the effects of poverty is violence. There are syndicates and groups involved in child trafficking that force children to work. Children are more exposed to exploitation, abuse, and domestic violence as well.

Additionally, when children are out of school, they can get into the wrong crowd, witness violence, and get involved in juvenile crimes.

Children should be nurtured in a safe and loving community with equal opportunities for health, education, and shelter. It is possible if all people will work together to protect the children.

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