What is the difference?

If you enjoy using air guns as a sport or hobby, and are thinking of moving over to air pistols from air rifles, what do you need to consider and be aware of? Well, the skills and disciplines required to fire an air pistol competently, are the same as the ones needed to shoot an air rifle. However, air pistols are far less forgiving and take much longer to master. Due to their shorter barrels, any minor errors aligning the sights are more exaggerated, making it easier to miss-your-mark. This means a much lengthier learning curve before you start to see higher target scores.

Is it worth the effort?

If you have experience with other air guns, and are looking for a new challenge, or you would like to take up shooting live-firearm pistols at a range, then air pistols are definitely worth considering. The extra difficulty involved in shooting air pistols will certainly give you a more demanding experience. You will feel a great sense of achievement when you finally start hitting those high scores. Expertise learned with any air gun can be transferred directly to an equivalent firearm. With tighter regulations and limits regarding live-firearm pistols, it can be more difficult to get enough range time to see any reasonable improvement. Today’s air guns are very accurate but can be more difficult to shoot well than firearms. This encourages better technique, which will reflect in your ability to handle firearms. Air pistols can be a great way to get more practice and improve your skills. Air pistols are much cheaper too. So is the ammunition, so you can practice more often without it costing too much.

Where can you buy them?

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