Surety Bail Bonds: What are they?

Nature has always taught everyone that actions have consequences. Just like the fruit depends on the tree, results depend on the deeds. Good deeds generally get good rewards while the wrong acts give negative repercussions. One of the negative results of deeds is imprisonment. If anyone is found guilty of any charge, they may receive imprisonment. The period of imprisonment depends upon the nature of the crime and state. Sometimes, people may even get wrongfully convicted and receive an order to serve a sentence. In any case, the defendants get an option to pay the bail amount and leave the jail till the hearing. In that time, they can stay at their home and try to prove their innocence. Since bail amounts can be high for some people, there is another system called bail bonds. Let’s take a look at what bail bond is and how it works in the coming sections.

Surety Bail Bonds

As mentioned, the bail amounts can be high. The power to set bail amount sits in the hand of the judge assigned to the case. They can keep the bail amount less if they see fit. If they sense something wrong with the defendant, they may deny bail or keep the bail amount high. That makes it difficult for the defendant to get bail. However, there is also a provision in the law called a bail bond. A bail bond is an accord between the judge, the defendant, and a certified bail bondsman. Under this agreement, the bondsman guarantees that the defendant will appear for all the court dates, and if he fails, the bondsman will pay the bail amount on their behalf. They may also pay the bail amount on the defendant’s behalf and later recover using the collateral or other security. This is called a surety bond. There are some different types of bail bonds, like cash bonds, property bonds, etc.

The bondsman charges some fee for this service, which varies from state to state. The fee is non-refundable, even if the accused is judged innocent. Since the responsibility of bail is now on the bail bond company, it may ask the defendant for some collateral or any other security deposit. The company can use it to pay for the bail if the defendant does not follow the bail conditions. They may also send someone to check on the defendants periodically to ensure that they have not escaped. If they do, the bail bond agent can send a ‘bounty hunter’ to find and return the accused to jail.

This system is predominant in most of the USA and Philippines, but not in most other countries. In some states such as –

  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Wisconsin
  • Oregon
  • Nebraska
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington, DC

-a for-profit bail bond system is not legal. In these states, the accused either have to pay the bond amount, either in cash or collateral or remain in judicial custody till the hearing.

If you are trying to arrange bail for your loved ones in custody, contacting a certified bail bond agent will be a huge help. Not only do they reduce the cost by up to 90%, but they also provide financial assistance to arrange the bail money and can get your loved ones out of custody in a matter of hours. If you are looking for a fast bail bonds services in San Diego, you may search online by “bail bonds San Diego CA” or “bail bonds near me” for a licensed bail bondsman.

It is a strenuous feeling and time when your loved one is in jail. Any support in such a trying time is well appreciated. You can go and meet your loved ones in custody. It will rejuvenate their willpower and give them the hope to prove themselves innocent.