The difference between Data Science and Data Analytics


What is data analytics?

Analyzing or examining the data sets with the help of software and specialized systems to gain the information they contain and then use that information to deduce conclusions. However, the data analytics industry is very huge but mainly commercial industries and scientists and researchers use it. Scientists and researches use data analytics to verify or disprove scientific theories, models and hypotheses. Commercial industries use data analytics to make well-briefed decisions.

The power of data analytics is far greater than people’s assumptions. Data analytics is changing the ways of how we live and do business. We use data analytics technologies and machines daily without even noticing. Like using a GPS to avoid traffic, or checking weather reports, or to improve your business and so much more is possible now just because of data analytics.

Why data analytics is important for you?

Data analytics is something that everyone should aware of and have some knowledge of it to some extent. It is a very important part of our life nowadays so it’s better if everyone should take a data analytics course at some point in their life. Knowledge of data analytics can come in handy in your work whether you work as an employee or had your own business.

If you are an employee and not happy with your job or maybe with your salary then you should consider taking a data analytics course. You can Click here to know more about data analytics courses.  This course will provide you the opportunity to live a better life and step inside a world of endless possibilities. And also, if you work as a data analyst you will get a salary more than the average salary that any other job can offer.

How data analytics is different from data science?

However, some people use both terms as if they are the same but in reality, both fields are very much different from each other. The major difference between both fields is their scope.

The term data science is used to describe a group of fields that are used for the mining of large datasets. On the other hand, data analytics can be considered as a part of the larger process and is a more focused version of this.

Data analytics aims to use existing data to find answers to questions that are already being asked. Data science aims to concentrate on the vast understanding of which questions should be asked.