Early Preparations: Factors To Consider When Planning Your Own Funeral

The thought of dying sucks. But in a life full of unforeseen circumstances, planning your own funeral matters. Most people are afraid to talk about death. They believe that such conversations are dark and it makes them really uncomfortable. Having a realistic point of view about death can help you consider factors you would include in your funeral services in Singapore. It can also help you think about how you want to live your final days and want people to celebrate and remember your presence.

Planning your own funeral can be challenging, but no worries! Follow this checklist of elements and factors to consider for your own funeral.


Last Will and Testament

Before looking for a funeral package in Singapore, start preparing the legal documents first. People with chronic diseases are the frequent clients of lawyers who make a last will and testament. But even without illnesses, you must have your final wishes, too. The primary purpose of this document is to enlist all the people or family members who will receive your assets upon your death. You will need to hire and consult a lawyer to help finalise your last will and testament.

Power of Attorney

Realistically speaking, there are people who are greedy for money. It may be one of your friends, family members, or just anyone you know. Having a Power of Attorney can help secure your finances. This legal document assigns and authorises someone on your behalf for financial decisions after your death.

Letter of Intent

Another legal paper to process before choosing funeral services in Singapore is a Letter of Intent. Here, you can merely write personal messages to your loved ones. You may write anything under the sun. You may also express your funeral desires or exclusive requests regarding eulogies in your Letter of Intent.

These are only a few of the numerous life planning documents you must prepare before departing. You may also ask your lawyer to create legal documents for healthcare or medical wishes. For instance, if you want to donate an organ, you may ask your lawyer to write a legal paper for that specific wish.




Choose a funeral home.

Many funeral parlours or homes offer a funeral package in Singapore, so there is no need to rush. Consider companies with a quality reputation, good reviews, and excellent services. Also, do consider the place when choosing a funeral home. Look for a funeral home where the location is accessible for everyone.

Request a funeral director when you have finally decided which funeral home to get. They will help you organise and coordinate other aspects of your own funeral, such as the chapel, visitations, flowers, food, etc.

Decide on your funeral service.

In Singapore, several service types are available. Some of these are funerals, memorials, cremation, and so on. But the most frequent services chosen are burial or cremation. Here are the following funeral service types you can choose from:

  • Funeral ceremonies – Funeral services held in Singapore are considered the final sendoff for the deceased. In a funeral ceremony, the body is present and placed in a casket, either open or close.
  • Graveside service – The good thing with a funeral package in Singaporeis it frequently includes graveside services. It is a service wherein the funeral company will escort the casket to the final resting place.
  • As Celebration of Life – Some religions hold celebrations in funeral ceremonies. Their ceremony symbolises a celebration of a new life for the deceased. An example of this is Taoist funeral services in Singapore.
  • Cremation – Cremation is typical in Singapore. Many family members place the ashes inside a jar and keep them in their homes. If you wish for your family to do the same, you may opt for cremation services.

Add necessary funeral elements.


If you’re planning to hold a burial or funeral ceremony, getting casket services in Singapore is necessary. Many companies can provide you with a wide selection of available or pre-made caskets. However, if you wish to style your own coffin, you may also look for casket services that allow customisation. Some casket services in Singapore can also specialise your casket to fit your length and width.

Flower displays.

Flower displays play a crucial role in your funeral setting. It can make or break the look and design of your funeral ceremony. Some funeral services in Singapore can take the responsibility of organising flower decorations and displays for you. But here’s good news for you! Whether the service comes or not with flowers, you can still contact a florist to arrange the flower displays at your funeral ceremony. They will also place flower decorations on your casket if you wish. You may choose either wreaths or flower vases as a display.

Make exclusive arrangements for your funeral ceremony.

Another factor you must prepare for your own funeral services in Singapore is the assignments. Here are the fundamental elements you must assign a person for:

Officiant: Traditionally, a priest, pastor, or minister officiates the funeral ceremony.

Prayers or readings: InTaoist funeral services in Singapore, they assign monks to do the rituals and prayers for the deceased. You may have the priest or minister lead the prayers, too.

Eulogies: One significant reason for making a Letter of Intent is specific assignments. You may specifically assign members who will deliver eulogies in your honour. You may appoint a friend, a family member, a partner, or colleagues.

Guests: Also, consider which guests you want to come to your funeral ceremony. It is beyond your control already, as, by that time, you are probably dead. But at least that way, your family members would know if you wish for an intimate funeral ceremony.


These are just some of the factors you must consider for your funeral. When planning your own funeral ceremony, don’t go practical. It is the last time you will be investing in yourself, so go all out. Get the best funeral services in Singapore and the best lawyer to help you organise a flawless and smooth funeral ceremony.

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