The different types of servers available in market

The world of technology is full of interesting and fascinating things that never cease to amaze people. One such thing is a server which is a part of a computer’s hardware or software which helps in the functioning and programming of a computer for various purposes. The server provides many functional opportunities to the computer which are known as “services” to the clients that are connected via WAN or LAN.

  • The services of a server include the following:
  • Functions sharing of data,
  • Computing data for clients,
  • Providing resources to multiple clients at one time.

Servers have become an essential part of every industry for the growth of revenues and the development of businesses.

The objective of a Server

The major purpose of a server is to share data, resources, information, and work distribution. The world of the internet is all about servers servicing millions of clients who are connected via the Internet worldwide. The device or devices that runs the servers are known as the host in the technological world.

Different Types of Server

There are different types of servers available in the market that serve several purposes such as web hosting to emailing to the protection of personal databases. Developers and programmers such as WeHaveServers offer services to various business websites.

Here is the list of various kinds of servers and their functions in today’s market of technology. They are as follow:

  • Web Server – It works on a computer with web browsers and it hosts web pages. It is an important factor of the World Wide Web. One website can host one or multiple servers, and one server could be a host for multiple websites.
  • Mail Server – It provides the function just as the same as the web server. The name of this server is self-explanatory, mail servers hoard mail over corporate networks via WAN & LAN.
  • Database Server – Shares database over the web.
  • Media Server – Shares images, videos, and posts through internet networks.
  • Computing Server – CPU or RAM computing programs are shared via this server.

Game Server – This allows gaming devices to host multiplayer video games.