How To Make Crispy Potato Chips At Home

Crispy potato chips ( มันฝรั่งทอดกรอบ, which is the term in Thai)are comfort food. You can have them as an evening snack to silent your late-night food craving. The potato chips are also a perfect companion to have when you are on a mission of binge-watching your favorite shows or movie. There are numerous ways people like to have their chips. However, there is a slight problem with our beloved potato chips. First, they are not homemade; the packet chips are manufactured by a company that might not have your health in their best interest. Second, the crispy potato chip may be a stone in your way that is restricting you from losing weight.

Undeniably, you cannot just stop eating crispy potato chips from tomorrow. The solution is to make potato chips at your home. That way, you can control the amount of oil and quality of the product that goes into making a crispy bowl of potato chips.

The Problem You Might Face When Making Homemade Potato Chips

The problem with homemade chips is they come out to be less crispy and oilier. The industries have all kinds of equipment that goes into making the crispy chip. For example, they have big fryers that allow sliced chips to swim distinctly from each other during the frying process. Moreover, the industries use various ways to control the optimum temperature of oil during the whole frying process. That gives the chip their crispy texture for every batch, which can be hard to maintain when you are cooking at home.

Therefore, we have a unique recipe where you can enjoy crispy potato chips by baking a batch of potato slices. The process requires less oil, and you can stay healthy by munching your favorite snack.

What Can You Do?

You can bake the chips to make them healthier. Here is how you can do it.


·        Step 1:

First, put the potatoes in light warm water. Later, peel the potato skin; in the meantime, you can go and cover the microwavable plate with a paper towel.

·        Step 2:

Dry the potato and cut them into slices

·        Step 3:

Put the sliced potatoes on a microwave plate, and sprinkle salt all over the chips and other seasonings.

·        Step 4:

Let the chips microwave for about 10 minutes; then you can have a baked fries chip that is healthy and less oily.  Later, you can enjoy your crispy potato chips with seasoning of your choice.