Top Five Cakes You Must Have

Everybody likes cakes and when it comes to cakes, the most loved flavour is chocolate. People also like butterscotch, vanilla, and strawberry but chocolate cakes are something that suits every occasion. When you talk about chocolate cakes, they are pretty suitable for every occasion and fits everyone’s preferences. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and in any way you want. You can combine them with any other flavour you want and you can customize them whatever way you want to.

Whether you want to grab a bite or just want to fall for is appeal or both, a chocolate cake is quite enough to set the mood right. No wonder chocolate cakes are beautiful and their exotic taste adds more to their existence. Here are the best five chocolate cakes you should definitely have.

1.Choco truffle cake

A choco truffle cake is an edible form of life for every chocolate lover. And something like this cake will definitely make your day, more special as it adds more amazement in its demand among the masses, craving for more. This cake is made up of chocolate sponge and the truffle sauce is the master of this epic beauty. The cake has two layers with the truffle sauce and choco dip. The choco truffle is made up of chocolate and heavy cream along with butter. You can definitely have this cake when you are in a mood to have nothing but chocolate.

2.Choco blackout cake

The choco blackout cake is one of the best cakes when you are a coffee lover. If you are fond of coffee and you want some flavour of coffee along with the sweetness of the cake, this cake is a perfect fit for you. It is also called the Brooklyn Blackout cake and is made with dark cocoa. The cake has a super-fantastic look and a little bitter taste due to the presence of cocoa content, the dark taste makes it even more lovable to all the coffee heads. This cake is actually very simple to make and the best part is you can make it even at your home just with little efforts and you can have this cake with a hot cup of coffee. You can always customize the cake and it works well with both chocolate or vanilla frosting, depending on your choice.

3.The Black Forest Cake

You must have heard about the black forest cake, right? It is one of the most chosen cakes of all time and you can find this cake everywhere in the market. This cake is a combination of some of the most loved flavors especially chocolate and vanilla which is the specialty of this cake. The sprinkled chocolate on the top of the cake and the added choco chips makes it more pretty and also enhances the taste. The cake is rich in flavors, taste and its sweetness is enough to satisfy your taste buds, always. I bet you will be surprised to have this cake and you will want more, a bite is never enough.

4.Moist eggless cake

A cake for every vegetarian in the crowd. For everybody who only loves eggless cakes, the moist eggless cake is the best option. The cake is soft, egg-free and is filled with the taste of chocolates, which makes it extra amazing. You can have this cake for almost all the occasions and if you have an allergy with eggs, this cake is your tasteful rescue. There’s no more overwhelming feeling than to have a cake that too without egg right? Yes, you will be amazed by the softness and the taste.

5.Oreo cake

Who is not a fan of Oreo cookies and the absolute tasteful creamy fillings? This cake is a dream cake for the one who likes oreo and chocolate. The cake is all about the richness of oreo flavors and the sweetness of the chocolates. Adding extra oreo chips and package of oreo cookies while frosting can make this cake unbelievable.

The cake is liked by people of all age groups either old or young ones, different people like the cake for different reasons. You can choose this cake for every celebration either birthdays, anniversaries or any auspicious occasion. Order this cake and you will always witness the exotic taste.

How to get a cake online? 

There are various sites available that deliver the best cakes in every flavor you want. You can just enter the details and where you want your order delivered and you will be getting them delivered at your doorstep. Search the best bakeries near you and it’s easy peasy to get all the discounts and offers, available just a click away. There are many shops and online sites where you can have options online cake delivery in Jamshedpur, online cake delivery in Delhi and other cities that too in every taste and size you want.