Ultimate Lavender Plants For Sale Guide

If you are looking to shop the best lavender plants for sale here, you will find them at The Growers Exchange. Lavenders love full sun but need good air circulation to avoid excessive moisture, which can lead to rot. Lavender plants also need to be mulched to keep weeds at bay.

They work well in fast-draining containers or rock gardens. In hot areas, plant them in a raised bed or on a mound to prevent heat and humidity from stressing them.

Goodwin Creek Grey

Lavandula intermedia’ Hidcote Giant’ is an iconic English lavender prized for its long blooming season and sweet floral fragrance. Its dense flowers are the epitome of classic lavender field beauty when arranged in rows or clumped in a landscape, and it also holds up well to cutting and drying.

This heritage white cultivar of Lavandula x intermedia is perfect for container gardening and borders. Its stout flower spikes provide a beautiful contrast to darker blue or purple varieties, and it tolerates heat and humidity well.

This hardy, compact Spanish variety blooms prolifically from spring to summer with darkly scented blossoms and frilly mauve flags (bracts). Its lush, mounded shape makes it ideal for small spaces and looks lovely in borders, herb gardens, and rock gardens.

Silver Anouk

This English lavender variety blooms in late spring or early summer and resembles a lilac-colored marshmallow. It is compact and drought-tolerant, with silvery evergreen foliage. Prune it lightly after flowering to keep it compact and avoid sprawl.

This fragrant Spanish lavender is an excellent choice for hot, dry locations. It produces flower spikes with waving violet petals, making it attractive to bees and butterflies.

It grows well in containers and herb gardens, is deer-resistant, and works well in borders and rock gardens—plant in full sun on a site with good drainage. Too much water can lead to root rot and other problems.


Lavandula angustifolia, ‘Munstead,’ is a classic English lavender that’s harder and easier to grow than many others. Developed in 1916 by Gertrude Jekyll, this compact cultivar is ideal for rock gardens and containers. It also makes an easy-to-care-for herb hedge. It’s excellent for drying fragrant herb sachets and pillows, and its flowers retain color well.

Lavenders do best in full sun, where they can thrive and produce abundant blooms that attract pollinators. They tolerate poor soil and drought but do not like excessively wet conditions or frequent overhead watering. Prune plants in late summer after they finish flowering. This helps prevent squat growth and woody stems.


Lavender needs well-draining soil and must be planted with good air circulation. It cannot tolerate damp or humid conditions and is susceptible to rot.

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Phenomenal is a hybrid lavender that brings together the best characteristics of French and English lavenders. It grows 24 to 34 inches tall, much higher than Munstead or Hidcote, and has long flower spikes, ideal for the many lavender crafts requiring longer stems. Shop the best lavender plants for sale here at The Growers Exchange.