Unique CNY Gift Set 2021 Singapore

Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is well-known worldwide because it is China’s most important festival. It is a very important celebration for families where they have a week of a public holiday.

For those who are celebrating, you have Chinese New Year preparations to do, which can make you very busy. However, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying this joyous occasion with your beloved family, relatives, and friends. People exchange gifts during the Spring Festival, just like when it’s Christmas in other countries. There is this New Year gift-giving tradition that is still strong among older people and in rural areas. 

You can never go empty-handed when you do CNY house visits, but what else can you bring along besides the staple combo of mandarin oranges and pineapple tarts? Below, eight Chinese New Year unique gift ideas for your friends and family members in Singapore.

  1. One Set of Chocolate

In Chinese culture, they believe that giving sweets as a Chinese New Year gift symbolizes having a year filled with sweetness and comfort. You can give cookies or chocolates to children or adults. 

As one of the best pastry chefs in Singapore, chef Janice Wong has always delighted us with her innovative desserts. Janice Wong has many outlets. They provide a variety of sweet foods; one of them is chocolate. For the Chinese New Year celebration, she makes chocolate with cute and unique shapes. Usually, the form of chocolate is made according to the zodiac each year. The chocolate also has various flavors, such as the orange flavor marked with yellow and the strawberry flavor marked in pink and red. Prices are also affordable, ranging from $ 18 – $ 35.

  1. Tea Gift Sets

In Chinese culture, it is essential to give gifts from the oldest to the young. The most senior family members will be happier if given gifts according to their needs, like things to maintain a healthy body. For that, you can give them tea sets as gifts for the Chinese New Year this year.

white ceramic teapot beside white ceramic teacup on saucer

As a Singaporean, you can buy tea gift sets on The Tea Story. There are many tea gift sets with beautiful box designs, so you can choose which tea gift sets suit your needs and financial condition. The price offered is also affordable. For a luxury gift set of 3 tea pouches, you only need to pay $ 21.

  1. Sets of Snack

Chinese New Year is when all family members gather, we can call it a kind of reunion. Where family members will chat with each other, tell stories, and have jokes. So, snacks are the best choice that can be used as gifts for the Chinese New Year. However, what types of snacks can you enjoy together? The answer is nuts. In China, peanuts are a symbol of prosperity, wealth, stability, health, and long life. 

Local brand Nibbles has macadamia nuts in the abalone flavor, the price only $25 for 400g and $42 for two. Are you thinking of putting nuts in your annual Chinese New Year snack tray? Watch your guests’ eyes widen after they’ve reached their hands into those nuts. Nibbles have combined these two festive standalone foods into an unconventional but tasty snack that has become one of their most popular flavors of macadamia nuts. Their products are successful because of the unique umami twist’s ingredients of shrimp and codfish seasoning and their rich and creamy Australian-grown and harvested macadamias. Try it if you haven’t!

  1. CNY Hamper

The hamper is a perfect gift for you to give in the Chinese New Year. Hampers are arranged and designed in such a way and are sold in supermarkets, food stores, and even flower shops. In fact, you can determine what items or products will be packaged together in a hamper. If you want to send more healthcare products instead of sweet treats and other goodies or combine wines, fruits, cookies, and other snacks into the  hamper, then FlowerAdvisor can be the perfect choice for you. Their best CNY hampers consist of premium products.


The price offered is also very affordable. For SGD 89 you can already get cny hamper with a simple design. If you want to choose which one suits the recipient, you can adjust it to your needs and financial condition, or if you are still confused and don’t want to bother thinking about it, you can check their best seller product.

Do you know? FlowerAdvisor is one of the best Bishan flower shops in Singapore? Their service and product quality are undoubted. No wonder they are one of the best florists in Singapore. Besides almost cny hampers, you can also buy flowers for Chinese New Year gifts. Approaching special days such as Chinese New Year, FlowerAdvisor always provides discounts for their customers.

  1. Home Decor Items Set

During festivals, people love to decorate their homes with colorful and attractive decor elements. Quirky and classy home decor items like wall art, scented candles, designer vases, wind chimes, antique statues, and wall frames would make ideal gifts to wish your friends and loved ones a Happy Chinese New Year. These attractive decor items would beautifully enhance their abode’s charm and bring in the festive cheer.

chinse lucky charms on display inside store

Decor items are also not difficult to bring home. Indeed many shops sell knick-knacks to beautify the house. Moreover, a special day will come, whether it’s Hari Raya, Christmas Day, Chinese New Year, and many more. The easiest, you can get it at IKEA. As we know, IKEA is one of the places that sell household items. For example, pillows, blankets, chandeliers, and even ornamental plants. By coming to IKEA, you can also get inspiration to make the room in each of your homes comfortable. After you shop and feel hungry, don’t forget to taste the food they sell at their food court.