Useful Branded Items for Your Office Staff  

Promotional products are a great way to attract more attention and grow customer loyalty, but they’re also an effective way to boost staff morale and improve employee satisfaction. In this article, we take a closer look at how you can use branded staff gifts to benefit your company. Plus, we’ve included a list of amazing branded gift ideas to help you get started.

What are the benefits of branded staff gifts?

If you want to show your team that you’re thankful for the work they do, staff gifts and branded office items are a great way to do so. By taking the time to show your employees that you value them, you can improve team morale and strengthen employee loyalty to your brand.

Show gratitude

When we get busy with the day to day office duties, it’s easy to forget to show appreciation for the people we work with. Giving staff members a gift, even a small one, is a good way to say thank you. 

Build brand loyalty

Receiving a gift can help employees feel noticed and valued. These positive feelings will help them to be more connected and invested in your brand. Building loyalty with your staff members is a great long term business strategy – if you look after your workers, they’ll want to keep working for you long into the future. Plus, loyal employees are better at embodying your company values and communicating your brand accurately to customers.


Improve team morale

When employees feel supported, seen and valued, they tend to have more enthusiasm and energy in the workplace. Staff gifts can help employees feel motivated and incentivised to do their best work.


Increase awareness

Branded items that employees take home with them or use in public can help spark conversations about your business. Much like promotional products that you give to your customers, branded staff gifts are a great way to increase awareness about your brand. When people know your brand name and can recognise your brand logo, they are more likely to think of you next time they need a product or service you offer.

10 Best branded gifts for office staff

It’s not always easy to pick a gift for staff. Below you’ll find some cost-effective, useful and workplace-friendly gift ideas that your employees will appreciate.


Branded stationery

Stationery is essential in an office. Equip your staff members with quality branded stationery that they’ll be proud to use in and out of the office. From pens to stick it notes, rulers and custom notepads – branded stationery will also help your business look more professional when your staff meets with clients.


Customised clothing

Get your staff members feeling like a team with branded apparel. Whether you need formal corporate wear, casual t-shirts or high vis jackets, branded work clothing can help employees feel proud to work at your company. 


Promotional drink bottles

Promotional drink bottles are a good option if you want to give your staff members a gift that they can use at work, at home or on the go. Since they are reusable, water bottles are an eco-friendly gift option which can help send a positive brand message.


Personalised mugs

Another eco-friendly option. Give your employees a tasteful branded mug which they can bring their morning coffee to work in. Alternatively, go the more traditional route and give them a ceramic mug that they can keep in the office kitchen.


Branded hand sanitisers

Antibacterial hand gels have become a staple in the workplace post COVID-19. Give out branded hand sanitisers to your staff members that they can take home or use at work. This is a low-cost but very useful gift idea.


Mouse mats

Set up each computer workstation in your office with a customised mouse mat. Print your brand logo or include a personalised message for your employees. A similar thing can be done with counter mats if you’re looking for an option that works well at desk stations without a computer.


Custom notebooks

Notebooks are another useful office item which always come in handy. Customise your notebooks with your logo or a motivating message for your staff. For a more eco-friendly version, opt for notebooks that are made from recycled materials.


USB flash drives

USB flash drives are a useful and practical gift that are great for office workplaces. Go with a classic style, add a pop of colour or embrace the eco trend with an engraved bamboo USB. These are also great to have on hand for handing files to clients or making presentations.


e-Memo board

Looking to reduce your company’s carbon footprint? Start by cutting down paper consumption by giving your staff members an e-Memo board. These note-taking devices are as quick and convenient as pen and paper, but don’t have any of the waste.


Wireless phone charger

If you’re looking for a unique technology based gift for your employees, consider a wireless phone charging dock. Wireless chargers are basically a flat pad that can charge mobile devices without them being plugged in. Add your brand logo to the charging dock for a personal touch.


How to use branded staff gifts

Like all good gifts, staff gifts should be thoughtful and meaningful. Take the time to plan out your staff gift strategy for the best results. Some ideas for how to use branded staff gifts include:


Workplace events

Whether it’s a Christmas party or a EOFYS bash, workplace events are the ideal opportunity to hand out some gifts to your employees. 


Celebrate goals achieved

Been kicking some business goals? Celebrate with gifts for your super staff members who are making it all happen.


Birthday gifts

Show your employees that they’re more than a worker to you. Bundle a few quality items together into a gift hamper and order a cake to celebrate them.


Just because

Just because gifts are always great because they come as a surprise. Use them to boost your team’s morale whenever you think of it.