What are the qualifications regarding hair transplantation treatment like?


Hair transplantation treatment is currently a demanding treatment in cosmetic field. It is well known for an effective permanent hair loss treatment.  Since hair thinning or balding is a common complaint amongst man, this treatment has advanced into various forms that lead to the enhanced outcome and less risk. There are various methods to perform hair transplant surgery. One way is by extracting and replanting a single hair at the affected area and another is stripping the skin and replanting them to the balding area. Former gives the best result and the latter may leave a scar. Nevertheless, of the surgeon is good, the scar can be minimised. The main reason that would contribute to hair balding amongst men is hormone imbalance and genetic factors. Although less common, women also face this problem and it is very distressing for them as it affects their self-confidence and appearance.

The most frequent questions asked during the first consultation for hair transplantation treatment is the qualifications regarding the treatment. As the treatment is costly, it is unexpected for them to ask such questions so that the treatment is worthwhile.

Here is the list of what makes a good candidate for successful hair transplant treatment.

Hair colour influences the outcome of hair treatment

  • Fewer transplant is needed if there is less contrast between hair and scalp colour. For example, a Scandinavian will look bald with significant hair loss and it takes less hair transplant treatment to improve their appearance.

Shape and hair thickness determine the success of the treatment

  • Thick hair will make someone appear less bald in comparison to thin hair. With thin hair, bald will appear more obvious as the light reflects on the surface of the scalp. Thus, causing the person to look balder.
  • The shape of the hair such as curly and wavy hair has better coverage than straight hair. When there is more coverage, these hairstyles will block the light better.

The flexibility of the scalp

  • Since hair transplantation requires relocation of hair from donating the site to the affected area, loosen scalp gives better flexibility for the surgeon to insert new hair follicles. The tight scalp will not make hair transplantation successful.

Some conditions are not for the surgery

  • Condition like ‘ Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia’ makes the donor supply to be unhealthy. This condition makes a poor candidate for surgery. Therefore, a hair transplant will be a waste of money and time.

 Fitness for the surgery must not be compromised

  • This surgery will require anaesthetics used. Complete health check-up has to be done before the procedure to minimise adverse side effects. If the candidate is allergic to anaesthesia, things will be difficult and medical professionals will need to weigh the risk and benefit from the surgery.

To save money and time, these are the factors that would make a good candidate for the surgery. It is good to discuss thoroughly these factors with the surgeon in charge to make it worth your money and yield good results.