Why Do You Need an Aircon Cleaning Service for the Summer?

It seems like you will have to postpone some plans you have for yourself and your family this summer. With the steadily increasing Coronavirus cases in the country, you would not want to risk your family’s health by bringing them to parks or the beach frequently. While it may sound like bad news to your kids, there are always plenty of things to do at home.

From online concerts to staying in to watch films and television shows, homebodies can enjoy them as long as they have a stable internet connection. If you have kids, you must also think about enrolling them in online summer camps to keep them productive and occupied with other things aside from their games. Among all these home activities, comfort is an essential factor that must be considered. How will you ensure that in your home? Keep the aircon switched on for a long time during the day.

However, there are consequences to this. For one, it can decrease the operational lifespan of your units, and as a result, you would be buying another costly unit. To avoid this, you would want to acquire an aircon cleaning service regularly for the summer!

In this article, you will learn about having aircon servicing for the summer. It will start with what you can expect during summertime in the country. From electricity to home activities, you would know why your aircon unit will play a crucial role in your comfort. While it may be enough to know the impact of a functioning aircon in your home, you must also know the reasons why you need to have it professionally serviced. If you want to know more about aircon unit servicing, continue reading!


What to Expect this Summer in Singapore?

Locals are accustomed to the hot and humid weather of the country. However, as climate change becomes more palpable, what you did summers ago may not be as enjoyable for this summer. While Singapore is only one of the countries that are deeply affected by the rapidly changing conditions of the world, it is alarming how the effects can threaten the existence of the nation in the 21st century!

With the replacement of self-cooling vegetation with heat-retaining concrete buildings, people rely on other cooling methods. Of course, it is none other than your aircon units. Over the years, the aircon servicing price in Singapore has increased as well, especially that summers are now hotter than ever. The current health crisis is not of help either. Even with the country’s ease of restrictions, everyone is still encouraged to stay at home. Hence, with all of these in mind, what can you expect this summertime in the country?


Increased electricity consumption

Even without the online classes of your kids, you might still have to expect a high electricity bill when you or members of the family are working at home. While you can say that you are mindful of your energy consumption, the change in weather this summer may surprise you with a sudden price rise. The cause of this? Your aircon units. It was found that a quarter of an average Singaporean household’s electricity consumption is from air-conditioning.

What must be done with this dependence? Maximise the functions of your aircon. For instance, ensure that you turn on the timer to switch it off automatically. Keeping the room curtains closed within the day would help in keeping the temperature steady. Also, do not skimp on getting aircon services in Singapore. Once every six months is the ideal servicing period for your cooling units!

House renovations and maintenance

Singapore is not the only country that has found an increase in house remodelling. Homeowners are ordering online or visiting hardware stores to get their tools for small remodelling projects. Turning a bedroom into a bedroom with an office corner is probably one of the common projects you might have observed. If you are seeing an increase in your productivity when you have a home office, you should not hesitate in making it happen.

Not only that, homeowners are dedicating attention to home maintenance. Aside from cleaning, appliances are getting a tweak to improve their performance. One of these is the increased demands for an aircon cleaning service. It is one of the needed services that cannot be encapsulated in a DIY video. Home improvement is the appropriate name to call these types of projects. Of course, it works by understanding the current dynamic of the home and making adjustments to fit them all together to create a productive environment.

Several home activities

The circuit breaker measures implemented by the government allowed all citizens to have more time at home. This summer, it may seem that keeping your chances low of getting infected by the virus will work by staying at home and avoiding the summer crowd in beaches and malls. It may be easier said than done, especially when you have kids, but there are several enticing home activities that you can do at home!

What are they?

  • Apply for online classes

It may be studying to be fluent in new languages, painting, or even learning practical skills of managing your finances. There are plenty to choose from!

  • Learning how to bake

If you already know how to make meals, what is holding you back from baking sweets for your family? There are plenty of free tutorials online that you can access to learn baking techniques, so do not hold back!

  • Start an at-home workout

Jogging or hitting your local gym may not seem attractive right now, but it should be an excuse for you to slack off. Follow some online exercises to establish an at-home workout routine that you can do every day!

Among the other home activities, such as starting a home garden and doing puzzles with the family, comfort must be a priority. Homes are the pinnacle of comfort, but you may fall short if you delay getting AC servicing from Singapore service providers. In this heated and humid time, it is the service that you would want to prioritise.


Why Do You Need Aircon Servicing for the Summer?

Undeniably, the summer weather gets unbearably hot, and no one can blame any person who gets highly reliant on aircon. Whether it was time to sleep or work, a functioning and cooling unit are essential to home activities comfortably. However, as with any heavy-duty machine, aircon need to get maintenance. When you are expecting to stay at home during the hot season, you must get aircon servicing to assist your unit save you from the weather!

Here is why:


Breathe fresh and clean air

Singapore is in a region where vector-borne diseases are endemic. The most common one is dengue, and cases increase during warmer periods of the year. When your family stays at home where it is consistently cold and has filtered air, you can prevent the cause of various health issues. Not only will you have lower chances of getting diseases, but a serviced aircon unit will also help eliminate all allergens, bacteria, and dirt that could cause illnesses!

Longer aircon lifespan

When you play for the full aircon servicing price in Singapore, experts will ensure that your unit will be running in top-notch condition. What does this mean for you? You will get to enjoy an optimal functioning unit throughout the summer!

In addition, when you are consistent with your servicing, you will get to enjoy your unit for a long time. Every service will carry out necessary repairs and replacements that your aircon needs to last longer or even beyond its expected lifespan.

Say goodbye to major breakdowns and the need for downtime

Some people could not work without the cooling air that their aircon brings. Understandably, you might be one of them. Aircon units are running an average of 12 hours, but some units cannot handle it because of degradation of some parts and lack of maintenance. As a result, it needs to be switched off within working hours. You would not want this to happen to you. So, you need to get an aircon cleaning service for uninterrupted working hours!

Enjoy comfortable days and nights at home

Home should feel safe and secured. Once you get that covered by installing home security solutions, the next step to living comfortably is to equip your house with things that bring comfort. In the heat of the summer, no other machine can give your body extreme comfort besides your aircon unit. It would help in maintaining a good body temperature that enables you to have an uninterrupted mind, which would help in keeping you focused at work or any other home activities!

Keep your electricity bill low

An aircon unit without regular maintenance might be the cause of the sudden hike in your electricity bill. You must know that when your unit has been taking a while to get a room cold, it is consuming more energy than when you first installed it. Why? Its small issues can develop over time and, if neglected, can lead to major ones that would reduce its efficiency.

If you want to avoid further increasing your electricity bills during this pandemic and upcoming summer, you should invest in getting aircon services in Singapore! Ensure that you are approaching a trustworthy company if you want to avoid further complications in your essential aircon units.


What to Look for in a Servicing Company?

Now that you realise your reliance on this essential household appliance, you need to give extra attention. Thus, choosing a company to get AC servicing in Singapore would not be a breezy process. You must consider plenty of qualities to ensure that your aircon would be in the hands of experienced service professionals.

To make the process easy to do, you should note these qualities that a reliable service provider should have:


Knowledge and expertise

Experience is the greatest teacher, and it also applies to finding a good aircon servicing company in Singapore. You would want to hire a company that has been in the industry for a long time. It will show that they have provided services to many clients, and that gives them the knowledge and skills of what an aircon specialist to have. It would assure you that your unit will be well taken care of!

Fair and justifiable prices

The summer prompts many companies to take advantage of the seasonal needs of people. Of course, one of them is ensuring that they have a robust, working aircon unit to help survive the heat. Knowing that they are one of the few that can provide this, they might set an unjustifiable price. You must be careful with your company choices. Only seek companies that have fair service prices, and that can justify it. A breakdown of the service price would help in indicating if you will be getting a fair service.

Offers a wide range of services

A well-reputed Singapore aircon servicing company would be able to provide various services for your cooling units. You must know that some air conditioners are getting more and more developed to be low-maintenance. While they are more expensive, they will help avoid demanding maintenance needs. Thus, you may only need regular cleaning for your aircon unit this summer. If so, you should approach a company that would offer you individualised services instead of costly package services that your aircon does not need.\


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