16 Things Only People With Food Allergies And Allergic Rhinitis In Singapore Can Relate To

If you are one of the many people suffering from allergic rhinitis in Singapore, did you know that foods can also trigger your allergic rhinitis symptoms? Food allergy is one of the most common types of allergies targeting almost 4.5% of adolescents and adults. While dust, animal dander, hair, pollen, and others are common asthma triggers and allergic rhinitis, food can also activate its symptoms. Some food items that can spark off some allergic rhinitis symptoms are rice, citrus fruits, black grams, and bananas.

While these edible items can trigger allergic rhinitis, foods themselves can cause you to suffer from allergies. Food allergies can trigger allergy symptoms in the nose, eyes, or throat. The most common symptoms brought by food allergies include a runny nose, sneezing, nasal itching, terrible congestion, itchy, red, and watery eyes, itchy tongue, sore throat, or voice changes.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, seek an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singaporeimmediately. Food allergy is a grave nasal problem and can cause more significant harm to your body without certain medications, so seek immediate treatment.

Over the past 25 years, the number of food allergy sufferers has skyrocketed to over 220 million globally. If you’re one of 220 million people affected by food allergies, you might want to take it as a sign to visit an ENT clinic in Singapore. Keep reading below to know the typical struggles of people with food allergies!



1. If you have seafood allergies, chances are you go to an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singapore first to get certain injections and medications because you never get to enjoy beach trips without these two. Also, you never fully taste what fresh seafood tastes and how good it is.

2. Your friends, relatives, or family members go out of their way to buy or make you an allergen-free meal or dessert that will not trigger your allergy symptoms, but these foods are still unsafe for you.

3. You feel unsafe shaking hands with others, especially people who are eating nuts, as this can trigger your allergic rhinitis symptoms in Singapore.

4. At restaurants, you always have to ask the waiter if what you recently ordered has foods you are allergic to, such as eggs, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, plates of seafood, soybean, sesame, wheat, and other food triggers. You commonly order rice, vegetables and, sometimes, soup.

YOU-ALWAYS-CARRY-YOUR-MEDICATIONS-WITH-YOU5. You always carry an antihistamine prescribed by your ENT doctor and clinic in Singaporeeverywhere,even in the bathroom. You can go out without your phone, but never without your pills, Epinephrine autoinjector, or inhaler in your bag. You are never allowed to leave the house without these three. These three prescriptions can literally save your life!

6. When you go on a trip and plan your luggage, these allergic rhinitis and sinusitis treatment helpers in Singapore, antihistamine pills and EpiPen, and an inhaler, are the first three things you include in your things-to-bring checklist!

7. You feel weird when someone recommends about a treatment online, a bit of medication advice they read from a book, or a curing medicine they heard on Instagram. It bothers you if you will really look into it or stick with the ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singaporethat has been helping you for years.

8. You feel furious and nervous when you meet a new group of people, especially strangers or during a date, who don’t yet know about your food allergies.


9. You feel at peace and on cloud 9 when your mum comes running home once one of your allergic rhinitis symptoms in Singaporeshows up and takes good care of you, even if the symptom is just a minor one.

10. Your heart flutters when your best friends come to your defence when someone attacks your allergic rhinitis in Singapore, makes fun of your food allergy, or makes an ignorant comment about your nasal problem. You get butterflies on your stomach when they do this.

11. Sometimes, you get hurt when people feel sad about your allergic rhinitis in Singapore or get unhappy that you can’t eat all the good food from heaven!


12. When your lips start tingling suddenly, you get the urge to visit an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singapore. You will immediately think of literally everything you ordered and ate. Your mind begins to panic. Some questions you ask yourself are: Was it that soup? How about the omelette? Or was it the salad? What did I eat? Where did I go wrong?

13. At restaurants that serve foreign foods or when in a foreign country, you get anxious immediately with everything. First, you worry about which one to order, probably something that doesn’t contain peanuts, shrimp, crab, nuts, dairy products, and other seafood.

14. You feel annoyed when some people doubt if you really have allergies or just faking them. You have this urge to show them the treatments prescribed by your ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singaporeand doctor. Also, if shrimp, crab, and other shell foods are as good as everyone says they are, why would you even deprive yourself of them?

15. You are particularly careful about the things you eat. One wrong food, and you are off to the ENT clinic in Singapore ASAP. Your partner, family, or BBFs often see you choosing and ordering the safest thing on the menu. In addition, you also take time to read labels on packaged foods and canned goods to be safe! Being alive is always the better option for your problems!

16. You feel embarrassed when people, be it friends, family, or crush, give you the ‘special treatment’ because of your food allergies. Even if your BFFs make fun of you for your allergies, it’s nice to know they think about you, too. Taking which foods won’t trigger your allergic rhinitis in Singaporeand food allergies into consideration can make you feel flustered.

To Sum Things Up!

Your food allergies can get triggered any time you eat or come in contact with foods, such as dairy products, shell foods, plates of seafood, nuts, and the like. The best way for a person with food allergies to avoid an allergic reaction is not to eat any foods they are sensitive to, such as the items listed. Saying no to different foods, especially allergy-causing ones like dairy, eggs, and peanuts, can be challenging, but it can help lessen the chances of allergy attacks. Also, regularly visit an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singaporeand take your prescribed medications!

An ENT can do so much more for you. They can help with allergies, nasal problems, ear wax removal in Singapore, snoring, and many more. If you need a one-stop ENT care centre, Dr Jenica Yong and her clinic can be what you need! Visit their website to learn about the conditions they can treat.