5 Characteristics of a Remarkable Global International School?

A child’s school has a great impact on their development. It is the place where they can learn about the world and themselves with the help of their teachers. Their teachers will be the ones who will pave the way for their development and grow up a well-mannered child! The challenge is to find that one school that has quality teachers with the quality education that can mould your child into what you imagine them to be. Typically, these qualities that you are looking for are what global international schools in Singapore embody. Reading this statement, you might want to learn more about what makes global schools like these remarkable among local schools in your area. If so, let this article tell you about the outstanding characteristics that put these schools, and its students, to the top!

Characteristics of a Global International School

Looking for an international school may be a daunting task, considering that you are surrounded by plenty of schools that can admit your child. However, it would not hurt aiming for more to ensure and give you the peace of mind that your child is in an institution that has excellent qualities. When you decide to enrol them in an international school, you can expect:

1.   Academic excellence

Global international schools pride itself on academic excellence because it follows an international curriculum. One of the most common curriculum choices today is the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme. In this curriculum, the focus is on each student as a whole person. It means that it addresses not only the intellectual development of your child, but also the social, emotional, and physical progress. They will encourage them to be independent individuals that have a broad spectrum of interests that will help them in the future!

2.   Exceptional facilities

Are you thinking about the distance that your child needs to travel if they receive an admission to enrol in an international school? Well, you would be glad to know that these schools can offer you student accommodation in Singapore! Yes, these schools have facilities that can cater to their students for them to have the quality education they need without the hassle of travelling. Moreover, their well-designed campuses are a way to foster an atmosphere of learning even outside the four walls of a classroom.

3.   Reliable support systems

Your child would be studying alone in the institution. Aside from visiting them and calling them every day, you are assured that they are getting support from the school personnel as well. Their supportive staff, faculty, and student leaders would be there for your child to meet their needs of social interaction!

4.   World-recognised education

One may step back when they see the international school fees in Singapore but you must know that it is a small price to pay for your child’s bright future. When they receive their diploma on their graduation day, it would be their key to different universities overseas! Seeing that your child has obtained their education at an internationally-recognised school, they already know that they can meet the standards that they look for in a student. A student who can carry the name of the university when they compete with other universities in a debate, sports, or whatever talent that your child possesses.

5.   Personalised learning

These international schools know that not all students are the same. Accepting students with different cultural backgrounds, they already know that they have different perspectives on education. Therefore, they come up with personalised learning. Here, you may or may not be involved in organising the balance of the programmes that your child will take. Either way, trust that their tailored learning will help your child recognise how they learn best, and which passions or interests that motivate them into learning!

Tips on Admission to International Schools

Even if you found what you think is the best school for your child, you must know that there are only limited slots for students in these types of schools. Hence, you should follow these tips on how you can increase the odds of your child getting accepted into the school they want to attend!

  1. Complete all the requirements on time

Every international school has an application process which includes filling up forms and submitting documents that prove that your family is capable of maintaining a child in their school. It may include asking for your yearly income, your child’s birth certificate, among other things.

  1. Consider getting a tutor

There are entrance tests that your child needs to take for the school to gauge their aptitude and language proficiency in Chinese and English. With these, your child may need the help of a tutor to prepare them.

  1. Apply for transport for convenience

It is best that as early as their application, you help your child get private school bus services in Singapore for hassle-free commutes every day. Some schools also have student accommodation facilities to give your child easy access to the school.

  1. Read about students’ application experiences

First-hand experiences of the students will help you know what to expect in the application process. Talking to some parents of these children to gather information on what standard the school is looking for in a student would also be helpful!

  1. Ensure that your child wants it

Lastly, you should ensure that your child wants to enrol in the global international school. Remember that they are the ones who would be studying in the school so it would be effective if they can show the school personnel that they want to get in.

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