Advantages of Choosing a Montessori School for Your Child

Do you belong to the ex-pat community in Singapore? Did you bring your family along when you decided to move to this island nation? Do you have kids with you? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are probably concerned about your children’s education. How would they pursue their studies in a foreign country? What type of school should you choose? Fortunately, for expats like you, there are international schools available in Singapore. May it be for primary school, middle school or even kindergarten, these international schoolscan cater to all the educational needs of foreign students. However, there are also a few locals who attend such schools to attain a higher educational qualification.

Even though all international schoolspromise a global learning approach, it is difficult to decide which school to choose as Singapore has lots of learning institutions such as these. Although it would be practical to choose somewhere near your place of residence, there are still other factors you should consider before making a decision:

  • Teachers
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Courses
  • Educational Approach

Among all these factors, the most important thing to consider is the educational approach as it serves as the core competency of a school. In Singapore, parents looking for international schools with a kindergarten course would often choose those with aMontessorieducational approach.

What is Montessori Education?

Simply put, Montessori education is child-focused. Schools with such an educational approach help nurture students to become independent. The approach focuses more on letting children learn at their own pace. The teachers will serve as someone who oversees the child’s development and is tasked to guide the children throughout their educational journey. They are to observe. 

You might be wondering how aMontessori school differs from a normalinternational school. It is more about nurturing a child’s interest in education and building their self-esteem. Most normal schools would focus on an external approval approach. It means that the teacher would have to come up with a lesson plan and prepare activities for the child. Whereas inMontessori schools, students will decide which activities they would like to take part in, and they do not also have a deadline to finish such activities. However, they have to finish what they have started. In this way, they know how to complete their tasks independently and properly learn from their mistakes. 

Considering a Montessori School for Your Child? Here’s it Can Benefit Them 

Choosing aninternational school with a Montessori educational approach is ideal for kindergarten-level students. These students are in their development stage, so it would be better if these kids get exposed in a nurturing learning environment. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should send your child to a Montessori school in Singapore

  • Encourage Them to Make Their Own Decisions

In this kind of school, the students will be the one who will decide on their activities. Because of this, it is normal to see that students are always carrying and using their planners. They will create a timeline for their activities for the week. However, teachers will still supervise and help the students create an organised timetable. Doing this will help them learn how to manage their time. 

  • Develop an Independent Mindset

Having an independent mindset means taking the initiative to become a responsible individual. This is the core teaching of aMontessori school. You will see that the students there know how to clean up without having someone to remind them. They will be taught how they should take action whenever things get messy. They also know how to eat by themselves. It is more on teaching them how they should do their daily routines. Letting them learn how to become independent at a young age can be beneficial for them as they pursue higher education. 

  • Promotes Respect Between Teachers and Students

Even though in normal schools, there is also respect between teachers and students, in Montessori schools, it’s quite different. Since the kids are the ones making the decisions, the teachers are tasked to respect those decisions. However, with some guidance, of course. The teachers would still have to tell them if some changes need to be made. Moreover, they will be responsible for correcting them if they make some mistakes. 

  • Learn in a Calm and Relaxing Environment

Whenever we think aboutkindergartenclasses, we think of kids running around the classrooms, loud noises, and rambunctious students who just want to have fun. Even though there is nothing wrong with this as children have a lot of energy, your child might find it too overwhelming. They may be the type who are having a hard time adjusting to this environment. So, consider enrolling them in a Montessori school. 

Some international schools for kindergarten that promote a Montessorieducation prioritise orderliness in the classroom. You will see that students learn how to be disciplined while having fun. The classroom has a calming and relaxing environment. 

  • Foster Relationships With Other Students

Another advantage of choosing this kind of school is that the students are taught how important it is to build a sound relationship with their peers. Your child will learn how to deal with different types of people. And since it is an international school, they will most likely meet people that came from different countries. It will then help develop their interpersonal skills. 

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