Best Option For Travel With Fly Fishing Rods

I suppose I am what you would call an impatient person. I get irritated if things start taking too long or if any road blocks arise in the midst of whatever it is that I am doing. It’s not a great character trait, but it’s just the way I am. 

My wife and I took up fly fishing in the last few years. It’s a great hobby. It’s somehow relaxing and exciting all at once. 

One thing that just used to constantly get under my skin was transporting our rods. We’d have to put our backseat down, arrange things just like so, to make it accommodate our fly fishing rods. They would still stick out in between us, over the center console. 

This might not bother some other people that are more even keeled than myself, but it absolutely drove me insane. I would just be fuming for the ride, and it would be hard to chill out once I arrived, and then I wasn’t truly enjoying myself.

After a recent trip, the smart lady that she is, my wife put her foot down. She had taken the time to research better ways to transport fly fishing rods. I had never given the idea much thought. I had never seen a rod carrier, but I was never exactly looking for one either. It made sense that in this day and age that it popped in our heads, it probably already existed.

She gave me a list of what she had found, and based on her research had narrowed it down to 2. She wanted me to check out the list she had made to compare the 2, and also do some research of my own. She knew it was important to me to figure out if I had any questions of my own before I took a leap when it came to a big purchase.

My ultimate decision was to go with the Riversmith River Quiver Rod Carrier from Trouts Fly Fishing. I really based my decision on the thoroughness of their website, and how much knowledge they seemed to have. People that are this seasoned should probably gain some professional trust. 

There was zero impatience or frustration with the installation of this carrier. That is pretty much unheard of in my life. To top it off, it’s quiet and does the exact job that it’s supposed to do. 

My wife was definitely relieved when everything turned out smoothly. I’d like to think that maybe I’m just mellowing out and becoming more laid back as I get older, but I’m also not a fool. This product has made our excursions virtually stress free.