Should you buy real estate in Greece?

Buyers with a sufficiently high-income level can purchase a land property for individual development. Let us investigate the peculiarities of buying Athens property for sale.

Factors influencing the price

The price of land is determined by the proximity of the sea, urban infrastructure, and the preparation of the site for development. A building permit and a connection to communications are required, a conclusion on the compliance of work and construction with environmental standards. Only a Greek specialist with the appropriate licenses can develop architectural and engineering projects. All this requires a lot of money, but the end result will be the perfect home for you.

Buyers with big budgets to build cheap villas in Greece buy plots in prime locations in Santorini. This is one of the most beautiful islands. Newlyweds from different countries hold a wedding for the sake of photo shoots against the backdrop of white houses and the blue sea. Almost all finished real estate of the island was purchased from local residents and used in the hotel business.

The most affordable option is to buy real estate

Compact and inexpensive studio apartments make up the bulk of the urban real estate. The multi-room apartments have a living room with a separate kitchen area. It is considered prestigious to purchase an apartment that occupies an entire floor. 

Greece and Italy, and Spain occupy a leading position in buying apartments. The closer to the sea, the more such real estate you will see. Based on the quality of the construction of the complex and the area, the apartments correspond to one of four classes. On the upper floors, penthouses with huge view verandas around the perimeter are in special demand. Views of landmarks, a park with greenery, the sea or mountains are preferred.